Aben's Library

Book, Blank, Paper, 200 pages (Scribe) x5
Calligraphy Tools, Masterwork (Tools) x1
Mapmaker's Tools, Masterwork (Tools) x1
Bookbinding Tools, Masterwork (Tools) x1

Books owned by Aben (and the language they are in) -

Bai -

Invocations of Celestial Understanding
Jade Inscriptions of Silence
The Ten Thousand Rings of Harmony
The Three Dragons Scroll
The Wakizashi and Katana: Manufacture


A Criticism of Shieldmeet's Ideological Chronicle
A Collection of Sclavini Children's Stories
A Discolsure Concerning the Dwarven Cultural Chronicle
A Dissertation on Falkor's History
A Guide to the Amareth Empire's Major Conflicts
A Revised Peacetime Comparison of Longbows and Shortbows
A Study of the Annals of Shieldmeet
An Expose of the Theological Charges of the Amareth Empire
Ancient Facts About the Infinite Samad
Broadswords and Daggers: An Expanded Legendary History
Examining Talin's Famous Inventors
Falsehoods Concerning Khepri's Military History
Falsehoods Concerning the Sclavini Military Hoaxes
On Sclavini's Major Murderers
On the Famous Thinkers of the City
On the Present Nobles of the Amareth Empire
Regarding the Recent Annals of Makarios
Righnach's Ideological Cults
Rituals of the Wondrous Creator God Samad
Rumors Concerning the Annals of the Orisha
Similarities in the Mating Habits of the Hippogriff and the Griffon
The Foreign Religious History of Amareth
The Gnomish Histories
The Infamous Artists of Shieldmeet
The Legendary Philosophical Disasters of Makarios
The Legendary Theological Annals of the Amareth Empire
The Mating Habits of Ettins: An Overview


An Account of Shieldmeet's Minor Mages
Contemplations of Immortal Understanding
Falsehoods Concerning the Military Chronicles of Shieldmeet
Ishana's Legendary Ideological Wars
The Ancient Economic Chronicles of Makarios
The Comprehension of Dragons
The Immortal-Dragon Classic
The Manual of Inscriptions


A Synopsis of Thamaturgy


Heretics Opposing the Awe-Inspiring Light God Tithrandil
A History of the Elvish Blade-Masters
Origins, a Theory


A Criticism of Basira's Famous Poets
A Grimoire of Alchemy
A History of High Magic
A Journeyman's Text on Thamaturgy
A Statement on the Present Philosophical Chronicle of the City
Alchemical Prayers of Wisdom
Basic Divination
Grains of Truth
Messengers Serving the Desert Gods
Novel White Magics for the Journeyman
Songs of Illuminating Alchemy
The Alchemist's Scroll
The Ancestor's Manual of Inscriptions
The Book of One Hundred Contemplations
The Classic of Talismans
The Codex of Five Poems
The History of Practical Alchemy
The Minor Invocations of the Healing Goddesses
The Seven-Sided Understanding

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