Item DC Cost Effects Duration Special
Acid 15 10 PHB Grenade
Adder's Balm 12 10 +3 vs snake venom 1d2 hrs
Afterthought Tea 20 10 Prevents pregnancy
Alchemist's Fire 20 20 PHB Grenade
Alchemist's Mercy 20 25 A fine powder that, when mixed with water or fruit juice and consumed, eliminates the effects of a hangover.
Antitoxin 25 50 PHB
Armorsoft 20 25 This slippery red oil has a mild corrosive effect on most metals. Although long-term use of armor soft is detrimental to any suit of armor, it provides the short-term benefit of easier movement and less noise. Any suit of metal armor treated with armor soft has its armor check penalty reduced by one. Each application of armor soft causes a cumulative 5% chance of the armor failing. 1 hour
Blackblood 25 100 Delay poison 1 hour
Bladefire 20 20 +1 fire damage for 1d6+1 rds if added to a weapon, ignites in air 1d6 +1 rds
Blend Cream 20 50 Dulls the color of flesh, fur, scales, and hair to blend into the background. +1 hide checks for 1 hour, Craft 20
Blood Elixir - Black 30 700 Brewed from dragon's blood, +2 Str & +2 Charisma, darkvision 120 ft 10 minutes
Blood Elixir - Blue 30 900 Brewed from dragon's blood, +2 Str & +2 Charisma, sound imitation 10 minutes
Blood Elixir - Brass 30 400 Brewed from dragon's blood, +2 Str & +2 Charisma, speak with animals 10 minutes
Blood Elixir - Bronze 30 1000 Brewed from dragon's blood, +2 Str & +2 Charisma, water breathing 10 minutes
Blood Elixir - Copper 30 700 Brewed from dragon's blood, +2 Str & +2 Charisma, Spider climb 10 minutes
Blood Elixir - Gold 30 1700 Brewed from dragon's blood, +2 Str & +2 Charisma, Polymorph 10 minutes
Blood Elixir - Green 30 1200 Brewed from dragon's blood, +2 Str & +2 Charisma, suggestion 10 minutes
Blood Elixir - Red 30 1400 Brewed from dragon's blood, +2 Str & +2 Charisma, dragon breath(fire) 10 minutes
Blood Elixir - Silver 30 1400 Brewed from dragon's blood, +2 Str & +2 Charisma, cloudwalking 10 minutes
Blood Elixir - White 30 600 Brewed from dragon's blood, +2 Str & +2 Charisma, icewalking 10 minutes
Bloodkeep Balm 12 5 +10 on heal checks to stabilize a patient 1 rd
Blue Vision 30 200 See astral activity 1d4+1 min Addictive
Boneshard Paste 20 100 +2 vs undead touch attacks 1d4+1 min
Bull Oil 25 60 +1d2 Str 1d4+1 min Addictive
Burglar's Bane 20 55 Burglar’s Bane is an very fine odourless and colourless powder that is used to lightly ‘dust’ valuable objects that may be the target of thieves. One application of Burglar’s Bane covers one square foot and, as it is translucent, requires a Spot check (DC 30) to notice. Anyone handling a dusted object will automatically get the powder on his hands, where it will remain, ingrained in the skin, for 1d3 days. If water is applied to the powder, it will turn rosy-red in colour, causing a thief to be literally caught red-handed. 1d3 days
Cat Oil 25 60 +1d2 Dex 1d4+1 min Addictive
Catstink 20 50 Spread on trail to confuse the scent ability of creatures. DC 15 or lose trail
Celestial Essense 28 400 Poisons Undead, 1d6 Wis, 2nd - 2d6 Wis, Injury 14
Clearbreath 25 50 +4 saves vs odor / inhaled poison 1d4+1 min
Cooling Gel 20 25 This cold blue gel can be applied to the skin. It provides a +1 resistance bonus to fire- or heat-based attacks, or heals id6 points of burn damage that the character has suffered, provided it is applied within an hour of the damage.
Courier's Ink 20 25 Courier's ink is a special, invisible ink that becomes visible only when dipped into a revealing solution.
Disappearing Ink 15 5 Ink vanishes after one hour, reappears when heat is applied
Dust of Purification 25 200 Purifies water
Dwarfblind 25 50 Lose darkvision for 10 minutes 10 minutes Grenade
Eagle Oil 25 60 +1d2 Cha 1d4+1 min Addictive
Ectoplasmic Ichor 25 200 +1 vs incorporeal attacks 1d4+1 min
Elven Warpaint 25 30 +6 hide when still or moving below half speed, +1 NAC 2 hours
Embalming Fire 20 20 Treated Zombie does 1d6 pts fire damage
Endurance Oil 25 60 +1d2 Con 1d4+1 min Addictive
Farflame Oil 15 5 Doubles illumination in lanterns
Fire Beetle Paste 20 25 This noxious substance is a mixture of chemicals and a concentrated distillation of fire beetle glands, yielding a thick, reddish paste. It can be spread on surfaces and burns fiercely for 1d4 rounds when touched by open flame, doing 3d6 points of damage per round and halving the hardness of the object before damage is applied. It can burn through wood, stone, and even metal. One container of the paste is enough to draw a half-inch think line 1 yard long. A container can be ignited and thrown, but the paste does not stick or splatter when used in such a manner and has the same effect as a thrown torch.
Firebane 20 25 This thick grease provides rudimentary protection against one fire-based attack. Anyone protected by the grease has fire resistance 10 while covered. If left on the body for more than 1 hour, firebane begins to cause serious damage to the skin and deals 1 point of subdual damage per minute. Firebane can be washed off with water. 30 minutes
Firestone 20 25 This small orange stone can be hurled as a grenadelike weapon. When it hits a hard surface, it bursts into a puff of flame that does 1d6 points of fire damage and ignites any flammable materials within the 5-foot-square where it strikes. Fires lit by a firestone burn normally. Grenade
Flashpellet 25 50 Causes dazzled effect, Reflex 15 1 rd Grenade
Flashpowder 15 25 Bright light causes daze effect Grenade
Fleetfoot 25 50 5 times speed, +4 jump for 10 rds + con mod
Freefoot 20 25 This quick-drying oil makes one 5-foot by 5-foot area exceptionally slippery. Creatures moving through the affected area must make a Dexterity check (DC 15) to keep their feet.
Freeglide 20 20 Makes a person or surface had to grab of hold, +1 escape artist for 1 hour
Ghost Dust 30 100 Hide from Undead 1d4+1 min
Ghost Oil 25 50 Ghost touch effect on weapons 2d4 rds
Glowpowder 20 50 Luminescent dust that clings and makes items glow 2d4 rds
Gravebane 25 50 Undead repellent, Fort - 12 1 hour
Gravedust 15 100 Improves chances of undead rising
Graveward 30 300 Undead repellent, Fort - 15 1 hour
Hawkeye Ointment 25 50 +5 to spot 1d4+1 min
Healing Balm 15 5 heals 1pt damage per round 1d6 rds
Healing Salve 25 25 Stinky green paste that turns 2d4 points of lethal damage into subdual
Heat Salve 15 5 Absorbs 5 pts heat damage 1 hour
Holdfast 20 25 Since the tanglefoot bag's invention, scholars and adventurers alike have looked for more ways to use the powerful but short-lived adhesive. One of the most successful variations is holdfast, a small bundle of the same adhesive attached to the end of a rope.One bag of hold-fast can support 200 pounds until the adhesive looses its effectiveness. Creatures struck by holdfast can pull off the sticky bag with a successful Strength check (DC 27) or cut the attached rope. 1d4+3 rds
Holy Essense 20 25 Undead repellent Fort - 10 1 hour
Holy Rest 15 10 decreases chances of undead rising
Holy Water 25 PHB Grenade
Hush Berry 15 50 8 hrs rest on 4 hrs sleep Addictive
Ice Crystal 20 25 When immersed in liquid, this small piece of rock crystal becomes as cold as a piece of ice and remains that way until it is removed from the liquid, whereupon it reverts to its normal temperature. Ice crystals are used to cool liquids in laboratories and keep drinks cold.
Insect Repellent 20 25 This strong-smelling liquid can be applied to the skin to repel insects. It keeps Tiny or smaller insects at bay for 4 hours per application. Larger insects and those under the control of a spell must make a Will Save (DC 12) to approach a protected character. This benefit is lost if the character attacks the insect.
Keenear powder 20 20 +1 listen checks for 1 minute, Craft 20
Lichbane 34 650 Poisons Undead, 1* Int+Wis+Cha, 2nd - 1d4* Int+Wis+Cha, Injury 17
Liquid Ice 20 25 This viscous liquid becomes extremely cold on exposure to air. A vial of liquid ice can freeze the surface of up to a 10-foot by 10-foot area of water or smother a like area of fire. Used as a grenadelike weapon, a vial of liquid ice inflicts 1d6 points of cold damage on a direct hit, or 1 point of splash damage. Grenade
Liquid Mortality 40 1,250 Poisons Undead, 1d4* Str, 2nd - 2d4* Str, Injury 20
Liquid Night 25 150 Allows subject to ignore sunlight vulnerability 1 hour
Lockslip Grease 20 50 Loosens mechanical workings, +1 on open locks for 1 minute when applied to a lock
Longbreath 25 50 double length of time breath can be held
Lullaby Essence 12 10 -5 Spot, -5 listen, -2 will vs sleep 1d4+1 min Addictive
Motelight 20 20 -5 on concentration 1d2 rds Grenade
Nature's Draught 25 50 +4 handle animal 3d4 hrs
Night Eyes 20 25 This thick grease, when applied to the naked eye, grants temporary low-light vision. The grease takes 1 full-round action to apply. Torches and other faint light sources provide light normally for a character, but any source of bright light (like bright sunlight or the daylight spell) causes the night eyes user to suffer a -1 penalty to attack rolls. 10 minutes
Phantom Ink 20 10 Disappearing ink that can be read only in a particular light
Polar Skin 25 25 Absorbs 5 pts cold damage 1 hour
Red Rager 20 25 This thick red salve must be spread over the entire body to be effective, but once applied, its effects are potent. Red rager grants its user a +2 bonus to her effective Strength for the next 10 minutes and a -4 penalty to Dexterity for 1 hour. Anyone who uses red rager regularly suffers deleterious side effects. Using red rager more than twice in a week's time forces the character to make a Fortitude save (DC 15) or suffer 1 point of permanent Charisma loss. Each failed save means that the powerful chemicals in red rager have affected the character's mind, raising her temper and coloring her skin slightly red. 10 minutes
Restorative Oil 25 100 Doubles rate of healing ability damage Day
Scentbreaker 15 5 Causes lose of scent ability for 1 minute, Fort - 18 1 hour Grenade
Seer's Fox 30 200 See etheral activity 1d4+1 min Addictive
Signal Torch 15 1 changes color of flame 2d4 rds
Slimebane 20 25 This concoction breaks down oozes of all types (see the Monster Manual). When used as a grenadelike ranged weapon, it does 1d6 points of damage on a successful hit and i point of splash damage. On the round ollowing a direct hit, the Ooze must make a Fortitude Save (DC 15) or take an additional 1d6 damage. Slimebane does not affect creatures not of the ooze type.
Slippery Oil 20 25 This oil provides a bonus on Escape Artist checks for up to 1 hour or until removed with an alcohol-based liquid.
Smokepowder 30 400 Gunpowder
Smokestick 20 20 PHB
Sneezing Powder 20 25 This fine powder can be thrown as a grenadelike weapon. On a direct hit the target must make a Fortitude Save (DC 15) or else suffer a -2 circumstance penalty to all rolls for id4 rounds because of sneezing and watery eyes. Creatures immune to gases or poisons are immune to sneezing powder.
Softshoe Powder 20 25 Rubbing this powder on feet or footwear makes moving silently more easy. Applying softshoe powder provides a +2 competence bonus to Move Silently checks. Unless all of a creature's feet or footwear are treated, there is no benefit from the powder. The effects of the powder last for 10 minutes after its application.
Soothing Balm 10 1 +25% healing rate Day
Soupstone 20 25 When dropped into a container of water, this small smooth stone turns the water into a hot, nourishing broth of a flavor chosen when the stone is made. A soupstone can transform up to 10 gallons of water before it becomes inert. It has no effect on water-based creatures like water elementals.
Sparkstone 25 20 1d6 pts electrical damage, arcs to nearby for 1d3 pts of electrical damage Grenade
Stonecloth 20 25 This heavy, gray cloth is woven from special mineral fibers. Making it requires the Craft (weaving) skill in addition to the Alchemy skill. The fire retardant cloth does not catch fire unless exposed to flame for more than a minute. Thus someone wearing stonecloth would suffer the initial dam age from a fire attack, but would not suffer burning damage in later rounds, nor be forced to take an action to extinguish the fire.
Stoneskin 20 50 Prevents 1 pt subdual damage per round for 10 pts of damage 1d4+1 min
Sunlight Oil 32 1,300 Poisons Undead, 1d3* Str, 2nd - 1d3* Dex+Str, Contact 16
Sunrod 2 PHB
Suregrip 20 20 Improves grip, +2 climb, +2 vs disarm 1 hour
Tanglefoot Bag 25 50 PHB Grenade
Tanglewire 20 25 Tangle wire, a thin barbed wire coated with a less-adhesive, longer-lasting form of the sub stance found in tanglefoot bags, is made in strands of up to 10 feet long. The adhesive makes tangle wire hard to transport and handle, but easy to string across a narrow opening and doubly effective against those who encounter it. Tangle wire comes wrapped in a tight bundle, and once unwound, it cannot be rewound and stored for later use. To avoid tangle wire, a character must make a successful Spot check (DC 15). Those who fail this Spot check are caught by the tangle wire and take 1d2 points of damage per round unless they remain completely immobile, and they cannot move out of the s-foot square containing the wire until they are free of its grip. Anyone caught by a tangle wire can make a Dexterity or Escape Artist check (DC 20) to escape or a Strength check (DC 15) to pull away. A victim with a slashing weapon can free himself as a full-round action. As long as the victim is willing to take the dam age from the wire, he can act normally while caught.
Thief's soap 20 100 Necessity being the mother of invention, Thief’s Soap has also been created by alchemists, though it is much rarer, often illegal and very expensive. Using Thief’s Soap will remove any trace of Burglar’s Bane, either from an object or a rogue’s hands.
Thunderstone 25 30 PHB Grenade
Tindertwig 20 1 PHB
Traveler's Solace 20 25 This fiery, unpleasant liquid allows the user to temporarily circumvent the effects of fatigue and exhaustion for a short time. Fatigued or exhausted characters that drink a vial of traveler's solace can run and charge normally. Fatigued characters under the effects of traveler's sol ace suffer no penalties to their Strength or Dexterity, while exhausted characters suffer a -4 penalty to both ability scores. The beneficial effects of traveler's solace last for 1d4 hours, but the aftereffects last much longer. Exhausted characters who use traveler's solace to lessen the effects of exhaustion require a full 8 hours of rest before they become fatigued. Fatigued characters who have used traveler's solace require at least 8 hours of bed rest before they become fully rested. A vial of traveler's solace has no effect if another has been taken within 8 hours.
Truth Wine 20 25 This sweet white wine of elven origin loosens the tongue more effectively than other alcohol-based drinks. In addition to suffering the wine's normal intoxicating effects, those who drink truth wine must make a Will Save (DC 15) to tell a lie. The wine's effects are short-lived, lasting only 10 rounds -1 round per point of the drinker's Constitution bonus. (For example, a character with a +2 Constitution bonus would suffer truth wine's effects for 8 rounds.) Creatures must drink at least 1 glass (8 oz.) of truth wine to suffer its effects. Elves are unaffected by truth wine.
Vapors of Sleep 20 25 When applied to a cloth and held over the nose and mouth (or other breathing orifices), this liquid forces the target to make a Fortitude save (DC 13) or sleep as if affected by a sleep spell for 1d4 hours. The attacker must successfully grapple the target in order to use the vapors on her. A vial of the liquid can also be thrown as a grenadelike weapon. It does not cause victims to fall asleep, but they must make a Fortitude Save (DC 13) on a direct hit or suffer a -2 circumstance penalty on all actions due to drowsiness and disorientation for 1d4 rounds.
Verminbane 20 20 Vermin repellent, Fort - 15 1 hour
Vicious Bleeder 25 50 wounds bleed for additional point of damage for 1d3 rounds after being hit 3d4 rds
Waterproofing 15 10 Protects objects from water damage 1 day
Wolf's Bane 20 100 +5 vs lycanthropy 1d2 hrs
Yarin Balm 20 200 +5 vs disease 1d2 hrs
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