The Amareth District

Council Members

Lord Julian Rastus of Worden (Halfling)

Lord Bartel Cobus of Ejnar (Human Paladin)

Lord Adamo Desi of Letizia (Human)

Lady Dorotea Ibbie (Half-Elf)


The Alabaster Barrel

The Alabaster Barrel caters to Amareth citizens. They will not serve any who follow gods other than Samad. To quote the owner ‘the dragon said I can’t kill em. Didn’t say I have to serve em.’. The food at the Alabaster Barrel is an excellent example of Amareth cuisines, and their wine-list is the most extensive of any in Shieldmeet.

The Expensive Flagon

The Fine Chant Inn

The Magus and the Soldier

The Mean Penguin

The Mercenary's Sword

The Old Bottle

Run by a young, tough lass called Maria Ilaria, the Old Bottle is one of the few Amareth establishments that will allow entry to all. It is a quality establishment, serving a fine meal and excellent drinks. Maria is known to have a bit of a temper, and has no problem banishing troublemakers from her establishment.


Adamina's Boutique

Angelica’s Breads and Meats

Arduino’s Stables

Beniamino’s Pastries

Bently’s Blacksmith

Books, Scrolls, and Folios

Calypso’s Philtres and Components

Costanzo’s Fine Furs

Dunstan's Leather Goods

Dwight's Junk

Dwight's Junk is misnamed, as he tends to carry very fine items. He will buy and sell nearly anything non-magical, and offers fair prices. He gives better prices to his fellow Amareth, but will deal with virtually anyone provided they don't try to cheat him.

Ebony Seal Coaches and Wagons

Frazer's Weaponry

Garnet Glassware

Gerolf’s Apothecary

Green Duck Weavers

Imperial Cartographery

Jacqueline’s Tapestries

King’s Road Cloth

Lanterns and Lamps

Luca’s Haberdashery

Mortimer's Alchemy Shoppe

Rosa’s Grocery

Silvestre’s Exotic Wines

Sinclair's Sundries

Surelocked Coffers

Tennyson Books

The Adventurer’s Guild

The Ancient Past

The Bard’s Corner

The Baron’s Boots

The Crystal Falcon

The Crystal Falcon is actually a small bazaar containing several gem merchants.

The Gray Feather

Bowyer and fletcher, capable of masterwork quality

The Gray Sage

The Monster Shop

Hamon is a retired adventurer who now trades in monsters and beasts. Mostly fur, fangs, and other body parts, but he does have an area of the shop dedicated to live specimens and eggs.

The Scented Lark


The Silver Bird


Three Old Ladies Laundry

Turtle’s Pipeweed and Herbs

Vilmar Armory

Other Places of Interest

Enclave of Samad

The Enclave of Samad is a monastery. It offers a reward for items crafted by non-wizards or clerics of 'daemons'. They also offer rewards for texts and treatises on such. They claim to destroy all such items brought to them.

Temple of Samad

Golden Phoenix Mercenary Guild

Red Wolf Mercenary Guild

People of Interest

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