Armor And Shields
Book Item Effect Cost
P126 Armor/shield, masterwork -1 to armor check penalty 150
D221 Darkwood buckler Light wooden shield has no armor check penalty 215
D221 Darkwood shield Heavy wooden shield has no armor check penalty 257
D221 Mithral heavy shield Mithral heavy shield has 5% arcane spell failure and no armor check penalty 1,020
D220 Mithral shirt Mithral chain shirt is lightweight 1,100
D216 +1 armor/shield +1 enhancement bonus to AC, - 1 to armor check penalty 1150
M21 Shield of mercy +1 heavy steel shield, expend smite attempts to heal damage 2,170
D221 Caster's shield +1 light wooden shield, can have a spell scribed on it (as a scroll) 3,153
D220 Dragonhide plate Identical to masterwork full plate, but can be worn by druids 3,300
M20 Mithralmist shirt +1 mithral shirt, 7/day concealment against attack for 1 minute 3,460
D216 +2 armor/shield Armor or shield with a bonus equivalent to +2 4150
D220 Elven chain Mithral chainmail is considered light armor and has lower penalties 4,150
M16 Barricade buckler +1 buckler, 3/day turns into 5 ft. by 5 ft. vertical wall of force for 1 minute 4,165
M22 Shield of the severed hand Gruumsh: +2 heavy wooden shield plus relic powers 4,657
D220 Rhino hide +2 hide, deals extra 2d6 damage on successful charge attacks 5,165
M21 Shield of the resolute Moradin: +1 light fortification heavy mithral shield plus relic powers 5,520
D221 Spined shield +1 heavy steel shield, 3/day fire a spine 5,580
M196 Shield of vigor +1 heavy steel shield, 1/day fast healing 5 for 3 rounds (five virtues) 6,170
M24 Wrapped tower +1 tower shield, 1/day paralyze enemy while using shield to gain total cover 6,180
M20 Millennial chainmail Corellon Larethian: +1 mithral chainmail plus relic powers 8,150
M20 Owlfeather armor +1 leather, various owl-themed bonuses and effects 8,160
D216 +3 armor/shield Armor or shield with a bonus equivalent to +3 9150
M23 Wight hide shield +1 light steel shield, shield bash with negative level effect 9,159
D221 Lion's shield +2 heavy steel shield, 3/day lion's head can attack 9,170
M18 Foxhide armor +1 leather, various fox-themed bonuses and effects 10,160
M18 Ghoul shell armor +1 leather, 3/day ghoul touch 10,160
D219 Adamantine breastplate Gives D2/— 10,200
M20 Serpent armor +1 leather, +1 on Reflex saving throws, gain benefit of Combat Reflexes feat 12,160
M19 Hawkfeather armor +1 studded leather, various hawk-themed bonuses and effects 12,175
M19 Kyton armor +1 mithral shirt, chains on armor can be activated as weapons 13,100
M192 Breastplate of terror +1 adamantine breastplate, 1/day frighten foe [armor of the watching master) 13,200
M17 Electric eel hide +1 buoyant slick hide, 3/day various electricity damage effects for 5 rounds 14,165
M23 Wight armor +1 shadow studded leather, 3/day hide from undead, 60 ft. darkvision 14,175
M16 Bearskin armor +1 breastplate, various bear-themed bonuses and effects 14,350
D216 +4 armor/shield Armor or shield with a bonus equivalent to +4 16150
M24 Zombie hide armor +1 hide, damage reduction 5/slashing 16,165
D220 Dwarven plate Adamantine full plate gives D3 /— 16,500
M22 Tigerskin armor +1 mithral shirt, various tiger-themed bonuses and effects 17,100
D221 Winged shield +3 heavy wooden shield, 1/day can fly at speed of 60 ft., carrying you 17,257
M16 Armor of the fallen leaves Obad-Hai: +1 wild breastplate plus relic powers 17,350
M17 Dragonrider armor +1 dragonhide full plate, various dragon-themed bonuses and effects 18,300
D220 Banded mail of luck +3 banded mail, 1/week can require that an attack roll against you be rerolled 18,900
M18 Exoskeleton armor +1 breastplate, D5/bludgeoning 21,350
D220 Celestial armor +3 chainmail, lighter than normal, 1/day fly 22,400
M20 Overhead shield +1 heavy steel shield, 1/day 20-ft.-radius horizontal wall of force for 10 rounds 24,170
D220 Plate armor of the deep +1 full plate, no Swim penalty, breathe underwater, speak with water-breathing creatures 24,650
D220 Breastplate of command +2 breastplate, +2 on Cha checks, +2 bonus to Leadership score 25,400
D220 Mithral full plate of speed +1 mithral full plate, 10 rounds/day haste effect 26,500
M23 Vampire hide armor +1 studded leather, damage reduction 5/silver or magic 36,175
M17 Earthplate armor +1 full plate, 1/day stoneskin, tremorsense 5 ft., both up to 90 minutes 41,650
D221 Absorbing shield +1 heavy steel shield, once per two days can disintegrate an object it touches 50,170
D220 Demon armor +4 full plate, claw attacks with contagion effect 52,260
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