Book Item Effect Cost
M72 Armband of elusive action 1/day avoid provoking attack of opportunity 800
D250 Bracers of armor +1 +1 enhancement bonus to AC 1,000
M192 Armband of confrontation Fighting challenge lasts an extra 3 rounds (five virtues) 1,400
M81 Bracers of quick strike 1/day make one additional attack after a full attack action 1,400
M80 Bracers of great collision 2/day deal extra damage on a critical hit with a bludgeoning weapon 1,500
M113 Inquisitor bracers 3/day cure moderate wounds along with next melee attack before end of turn 1,500
M80 Bracers of the entangling blast Next spell cast deals half damage and entangles target 2,000
M84 Caduceus bracers Sacrifice 5 points of healing to remove 1 point of ability damage or a condition 2,000
M108 Goodberry bracelet Create five berries per day as goodberry spell 2,000
M108 Greatreach bracers 3/day +10 ft. to reach for 1 round 2,000
M80 Bracers of arcane freedom 2/day omit somatic component of next spell cast before end of turn 2,300
M81 Bracers of opportunity 2/day always take attacks of opportunity, extra benefits with Combat Reflexes 2,300
M90 Counterstrike bracers 2/day take one free attack of opportunity after enemy's failed melee attack 2,500
M202 Bands of blood rage 3/day grant blood rage to allies (instruments of the blood gift) 2,600
M112 Hexbands +1 to save DC of hexblade's curse, 5/day add Cha modifier to weapon damage against cursed target 3,100
M119 Rapidstrike bracers 3/day +2 on attack rolls made as part of a flurry of blows 3,100
M80 Bracers of the blast barrier 3/day turn a spell or spell-like ability into a wall of magical energy 3,200
M137 Spellmight bracers Take - 5 penalty on attack roll for a touch attack spell to deal +1d6 damage 3,300
M117 Mithral bells +2 on Perform, throw to create sound burst 11 times 3,700
M133 Shadow maniple 3/day healed of damage equal to level of shadow spell or mystery cast 3,700
M79 Bracers of accuracy 3 charges/day, deliver ranged attacks with extreme precision 4,000
D250 Bracers of armor +2 +2 enhancement bonus to AC 4,000
M81 Bracers of repulsion 3/day, push creatures back 5 ft. 4,000
M72 Armbands of might +2 on Str checks and Str-based skill checks, extra benefits with Power Attack 4,100
M194 Bracers of aerial combat +1 on attack rolls while you or foe are airborne (array of the manticore) 5,000
D250 Bracers of archery, lesser Use all bows, +1 on attack rolls using bows with which you are proficient 5,000
M198 Bracers of blinding strike +2 on initiative, 3/day extra attack in addition to full attack (fleet warrior's array) 5,000
M82 Bracers of retaliation +1 to AC, 3/day sacrifice a spell slot to daze attacker for 1 round 5,000
M90 Crimson dragonhide bracers Resistance to fire 5, +1 enhancement bonus to natural armor 5,000
M93 Deathstrike bracers 3/day use melee weapons to deal critical hits or sneak attacks to creatures immune to such attacks for 1 round 5,000
M120 Reciprocal bracers 2/day automatic critical threat after taking critical hit or sneak attack damage 5,000
M93 Deathguardian bracers Sacrifice spell slot to gain D(2 x level of spell slot)/— 6,000
M139 Strongarm bracers Wield weapons as if one size category larger than normal 6,000
M72 Armband of maximized healing 3/day next healing spell of 6th level or lower is maximized 7,200
M144 Vambraces of warding +2 to AC against ranged attacks for good-aligned wearers 8,000
D250 Bracers of armor +3 +3 enhancement bonus to AC 9,000
M82 Bracers of wind Ranged attacks against you take a -2 penalty as if fired in strong wind, +1 on ranged attacks 10,000
M206 Bracers of lightning Attacks deal +1d6 electricity damage, works in wild shape (raiment of the Stormwalker) 11,000
M147 Wand bracelet Store and retrieve up to four items of no more than 3 lb. each 12,000
M112 Incarnum focus (bracers) +1 to essentia capacity of soulmelds occupying arms chakra 15,000
D250 Bracers of armor +4 +4 enhancement bonus to AC 16,000
D250 Bracelet of friends Four friends can be summoned once each 19,000
D250 Bracers of archery, greater Use all bows, +2 on attack, +1 on damage using bows with which you are proficient 25,000
D250 Bracers of armor +5 +5 enhancement bonus to AC 25,000
M80 Bracers of dawn Project beam of normal light; 4/day searing light 26,000
D250 Bracers of armor +6 +6 enhancement bonus to AC 36,000
D250 Bracers of armor +7 +7 enhancement bonus to AC 49,000
D250 Bracers of armor +8 +8 enhancement bonus to AC 64,000
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