The Basira District

Council Members

Lord Basir eben Hafiz of Saadat (Genasi Sorcerer)


The Dead Quail's Alehouse

The Wand and the Club

The Wise Soldier Inn


Achmed's General Store

Achmed carries many trade goods and general adventuring gear. On rare occasions he will purchase items of interest. He offers a substancial discount to his fellow Basira and refuses to deal with Sclavini and Itotia. He raises prices for non-humans, and will not sell to goblinkin.

Bent Nail

Carpentry and wood-working.

Altair's Gems

Fareed's Clothiers

Hikmat's Market

Juda's Curios

Madidir Fine Furs

Biif Pastries and Breads

Ras Jammin Wines

Fatahkir Weavery

Tapestries and Cloth

Wadi Aalat

Musical Instruments

Ras Aawar Tower of Knowledge

Books and Scrolls, with a Sage on staff

Abusim Arms

Wadi Abdmeima

Wadi Ahmal

Khatara Armory

Sameima Smithy

Raniya’s Leather

House of Pleasure

Blessed Apothecary

The Sands of Time

Other Places of Interest

Monastery of the Golden Moon

The ladies of the golden moon function as a hospital and asylum for the city. They do not sell healing items or potions. Their services are not free, though they will accept trade instead of currency.

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