12th Day Of Kethend Isk

12th Day Of Kethend Isk- ZyanyaZyanya

Vin stopped by and reported as to why he had not remained with the group. His news is indeed distressing, and seems to tie in with the events that occurred at the cavern.

He encountered an acquaintance at Silverton, though he did not describe the acquaintance in detail. This individual led him to a ravine where they discovered a most horrific sight. Two corpses, one dead of a cut throat, and the other apparently placed in an iron cage and burned. There were odd sigils painted in blood throughout the ravine. The one whose throat was cut appeared to be a young woman, perhaps no more than fifteen years of age, dressed in clothing that would indicate Amareth origins. The man in the cage seems to have been a soldier, possibly a paladin, and most assuredly of noble birth.

Vin and his companion buried the bodies properly, and brought back their belongings to be claimed by the families of the dead. There was a locket with Tatsuo writing on it that Vin was uncertain of. I shall have to get that translated. The locket also bore a picture of a young woman.

Later, it seems Vin and his companion were attacked by a couple ruffians that may have been involved in the attack upon the girl and the knight. They seem to have dealt with them in the fashion they deserved. Before they did so, the man mentioned a name that Vin thinks may have been Zoriada. In the possessions of the ones they killed, they found a silver sigil similar to the one we found, and a most disturbing jar. It seems one of these ruffians cut out someone's eyes and kept thim as some sort of trophy.

Vin found a journal of some kind, and I believe he is trying to translate it. Hopefully he will be willing to share further information. I believe he may have found other items that may also be of interest.


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