The Door

13th Day Of Kethend Isk- ZyanyaZyanya

I have managed to reassemble the door that Flint so enthusiastically unlocked for us. I have translated the words to the best of my ability, though the text is not complete due to the damage.

I was Akisha do Saithea y'Malsev t'Obyton
Remember me
He sought the harbringer, to become the prophet
He is a fool, yet gained something from somewhere, I know not
He is trapped, for now, for he cannot escape through me
I pray the others will continue their studies.
(text illegible here) for all things must balance
We have won, for now, but the signs will come again
and with the signs will come those that shall act upon them
The dead become restless while the living thrive and twist
(text illegible here for at least three lines)
they shall sacrifice by fire and offer souls through blood
He sought to summon the moon, to bring it to his control
He seeks death, but there is also life and yet I fear the dangers are equal
Perhaps time has changed the seekers, confusing daemons with gods and gods with mortals
He was not the first, and it is to much to hope that he will be the last
none here were first in time out of mind, and I wonder, from where sprang the daemons?
What do those we call gods fear so?
(text illegible here)
I am sorry my love, that it must end so for us. We should have had years yet.
We will be together again soon.


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