Aben 14th Day Of Vyth Isk

14th Day of Vyth-IskZyanyaZyanya

I fear I may have made a horrible mistake in giving Kazi both items. They seem to be affecting her in some way, resonating with each other as well as with the residual magics of the cavern. If the creatures in there are targeting her because of them, it may be better if she leaves the items outside the cavern. I would never forgive myself if something happened to her due to my lack of foresight.

The find is amazing, all I could have hoped for. Kae would not let me leave the entrance chamber until the others gave the all-clear, but it was a treasure trove itself. I spent much of the day drawing the mosaics for review. They seem to take aspects from a variety of cultures, especially amareth and itotia.

I examined the items they recovered. Some are more modern, demonstrating that we may not have been the first to locate this ancient trove. I am curious then, who resealed the cavern, or does another exit exist?

Magical breastplate with ancient design - The origins of this item are unknown to me, it may require more study. The patterns look vaguely dwarvish, but the item is most definitely made for a human.
gold-banded ivory drinking horn - Most definitely orisha in origin, but the tribal mark on the gold band is not one of the tribes I am familiar with.
serpant shaped silver flute - Were I looking at a wooden flute, I would be certain this was of goblin make.
black crystal figurine of a jaguar - itotia, no question, though I do not believe it is a material they normally have to work. Perhaps it was carved here instead of brought from their land.
silver chased heavy steel shield - Dwarven, their workmanship is unmistakable. Not to mention they were perhaps the only beings to be using steel at the time. The gnomes perhaps, but they rarely make items this bulky. The runes along the edge are definitely a dwarvish invocation for protection. It's possible this item was crafted for the purpose of enchantment.
an ebony-handled knife with a rune-etched blade - Elvish. A sacrificial dagger made with an elvish design. Crafted then, by an elf, but perhaps not intended to be used by an elf. Based on the runes chosen, this odd find may have been a gift from an elf to an Itotian. Now that should get some ears wiggling.

gory darkwood and obsidian horned demon mask
large onyx prayer beads
slightly dented lapis inlaid silver ceremonial chalice
strange talisman of silver with a black star sapphire gemstone
nightmarish idol crafted from serpentine

These items are most definitely amareth in make, though I doubt you'd find many who would admit to it. They don't like to believe they once worshiped 'daemons' instead of Samad. Which old one these were dedicated to I cannot yet be certain, it will take more research. They are, without a doubt, dedicated to some evil purpose.


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