Aben's House

14th day of Kethend Isk - ZyanyaZyanya


I have finished purchasing the Kamiradi estate. While it is in disrepair, the grounds are large and the house can be modified to suit our needs. A few of the rooms are furnished. The second and third stories remain incomplete, and shall remain so for some time yet. The kitchen has been cleaned and made functional, and I have moved my library here. I have also hired a butler, a human man called Narayan. He is a Shieldmeet native of Vasant descent, and seems an intelligent fellow. In addition, I have hired a dwarven couple. The woman is Lilja, and is an excellent cook with knowledge of various cuisines. Her husband, Frithrik, is a stonemason and is assisting to get the house back in working order. Rayner and Jinan will stay on as guards.

Kae and Maksim have taken over the stables and have made the rooms above the larger stable habitable, though for sentimental reasons they prefer to maintain their own household. At my request, Kae has purchased several horses for the stables, three of Basiran bloodlines, two from Righnach, and a stallion from Sclavini. He has also procured two of heavy Falkor stock for the new wagons I have ordered.

This should be sufficient, I am certain they will let me know if I have forgotten anything.


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