Notes on the Stone

Notes on the Stone- ZyanyaZyanya

The information Evaric/Dima gave is as follows :

The item in question is a red stone, rather like marble or granite in apparent composition. It is roughly spherical and about the size of a man's head. The stone is suspended in a cage made of intricately wrought golden wire, studded with uncut onyx gemstones.
The cage is dual purpose; it protects the stone and protects from the effects of the stone. There are multiple locks on the cage, magical and mundane. Six keys were originally made, gold pentagons each set with a large onyx cabochon. If a key is worn around the neck, the bearer of the key is immune to the trap on the cage. Mimicking the natural power of the stone, the trap (which resets itself) drains the lifeforce of any who touch the cage. Dathatlo had a key, as did Zahirah, Saghir, and Sivetalamo. At least one key was lost when LondDaer fell. Evaric postulates that the sixth key may have been entrusted to Ithacus, a dragon that served as the steed of Dathatlo. The cage also insulates the outside world from the effects of the stone.
The stone also drains the lifeforce from any who touch it, and that effect is not a trap. It heals and strengthens undead. Undead near the stone are immune to the effects of those who would turn them, and those that would command them find their powers strengthened. Given time, the stone can desecrate even the most hallowed of sites, or cause a bearer to go mad or rot from the inside out. Those who die near the stone arise mere moments later as undead.
The stone is immune to the effects of lightning and cold. It can regenerate itself over time, and negative energy effects cast upon it restore any damage done to it. Dathatlo did once chip off a piece with an enchanted silver dagger.
Dathatlo once claimed the stone was a piece of a moon.


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