Spies in our Midst

15th day of achiusk-isk - ZyanyaZyanya

There is no conclusion that can be reached other than someone in our midst is a spy.

Rayner - Too close, has too much to lose, and has risked his life for us. I do not believe it is he. He is far to enamored of Ashling. Still, he has been a spy before.
Jinan - Ties to the theives guild, how else did he get permission for a tavern?
Narayan - Has access to the books, but to my knowledge, does not leave the estate.
Lilja & Frithrik - Have access to every room, especially Frithrik, and both come and go for supplies and to visit family in the dwarven district
Daciana - Acts as the maid, has access to all rooms without question.
Gervasi - Hears much, and is quick witted. Stays primarily in the tavern though.
Svetlana - Rarely leaves the estate, but could easily be tricked into sharing information.
Katja - Her head could be easily turned by pretty promises, but she spends much of her time in the tavern.
Cianian - I know little about him, actually
Ildrin - Is leaving our service, she told me so last night.
Byrun - Nearly died at Zoriada's hand. Still, that isn't entirely proof of innocence, she is quite mad. And he did survive.
Maksim & Leonti - Both grieve Kae, and both are hot-headed, overly proud young men.
Jerath - Well, let's be honest, if Jerath is the spy, we've already lost everything. He knows where the artifact is, knows all we've been up to, and is Aletha's confidant. If he is the spy, Zoriada would already have the artifact in hand and the world would be in the process of ending.

I hate this.


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