Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice- ZyanyaZyanya

May the fleas of a thousand camels infest their underwear.

That may be overkill. Perhaps only a hundred camels.

I managed to find them passage on the White Heron. Captain Attru had two cabins left, and is the only one leaving in the proper time frame. He is also willing to be discrete and not tell anyone who his passengers are. However, and confound it all, Feliks and Kazi are going to be angry, it seems all ships bound for Sclavini are carrying Amareth soldiers. The White Heron is only carrying twelve, the other two ships heading out later are carrying thirty each.

Attru cannot afford to anger the Amareth, they could break his business or go so far as to trump up smuggling charges against him and his crew.

I will have to warn the group and make sure they keep their heads down. I've managed to find someone who can get them traveling papers with fake names to get them through the port, but they won't hold up under close scrutiny. They must keep their heads down.


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