Book Item Effect Cost
D265 Robe of bones Create a number of undead creatures 2,400
M104 Ghost shroud +1 to AC; all your melee attacks affect incorporeal creatures 5,000
M130 Robe of retaliation 3/day upon taking damage, sacrifice arcane spell or spell slot to deal damage 6,500
D266 Robe of useful items Create a number of mundane items 7,000
M130 Robe of mysterious conjuration 3/day sacrifice spell slot to use summon monster spell of same level 10,000
M112 Incarnum focus (robe) +1 to essentia capacity of soulmelds occupying soul chakra 15,000
M133 Shadow veil +1 to AC; concealment in shadowy areas 16,000
M129 Robe of arcane might +4 armor bonus to AC; +1 to caster level for spells of a specific school 21,000
M136 Shroud of scales D5/magic, immune to dragon's frightful presence 24,000
D265 Robe of scintillating colors Colors daze surrounding creatures, conceal wearer, illuminate area 27,000
D265 Robe of blending +10 on Hide, disguise self at will 30,000
M129 Robe of the inferno +4 armor bonus to AC; create fiery orbs that can be thrown 37,000
M206 Robe of thunder Cain sonic-related benefits, works in wild shape (raiment of the Stormwalker) 38,000
D265 Robe of stars Travel to Astral Plane, +1 on saving throws, use up to six +5 shuriken 58,000
D265 Robe of the archmagi Various resistance, spellcasting, and defensive bonuses 75,000
D265 Robe of eyes See all things within 120 ft., various vision-related effects 120,000
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