Reasons I give bonus XP

1 - Writing a character journal. Worth 10xp per character level, I'll give XP for 1 per session IF the session had downtime in which your character could have been writing a journal.

2 - Adding to the world. This can be in the form of a new spell, creature, fleshing out the mythos, whatever. If you are adding a spell or creature, please use this as a guideline - .

3 - Killing Gnome Psionic Users.

4 - Providing the GM with good beer (note, players with the first name of Matt and the last name of Greuel may not benefit from this, as providing the GM with good beer is a condition of the GM not locking him out of the house on snowy days)

5 - Once per session, each player has the ability to give another player a bonus 50XP if the other player does something suitably amazing role-play wise.

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