Wow. These people are amazing. All they've been through, and they are still here, still calling this place home. Poor as dirt, and still trying to make the best of it. They even tip you a bit for the songs. Not coin, none of that really to be found, but you haven't had to pay for a drink yet. Granted, the ale here tastes like rat piss, but they are working on it.
You are doing your best to bring them a bit more cheer. Why, last evening, a couple folks even danced a bit, and you swear you've seen a few folks start to sing along. It's hard, but they are banding together, and if you can brighten their day a bit, well, that makes getting stranded here worthwhile. Benesh has a plan, all things for a reason, ya know?
And eventually, the ship will come back. They can't have forgotten about you completely, can they? You just took a short nap, you aren't sure why they had to rush out of port so fast. And imagine the nerve of that guard accusing the nice captain of smuggling. Sheesh. People are so distrustful these days. They need to lighten up.

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