Alain D Larinsiv

Name: Alain d'Larinsiv
Race: Human
Homeland: Amareth
Profession: Frontier Marshall


Alain joined the Frontier Marshalls to help people. He went to the goblin-wilds colony to kill goblins. Thanks to all that, he's now unsure if anything he does is the right thing to do. There's a family he could turn to back in Amareth, but they're all a voyage away. For now it seems that the only good company Alain is able to turn to for answers is his faithful steed, Duncan, and the almighty Samad.


From the looks of Alain, he's either a Frontier Marshall or some fool pretending to be one. He stands tall and happens to be just the right size, neither too bulky nor too scrawny. Hazel eyes change with his mood, occasionally contrasting his dark brown hair. The only thing special about his clothing is his cloak bearing the emblem of the Frontier Marshalls. Along with that cloak he usually wears a breastplate and wields a heavy mace.

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