Ashling Mac Raith

Race: Human (part Fey)
Country of Origin: Righnach
Region: Siencyn
Occupations: Druid, casual herbalist, sorceress, student of cultures, investigator (?)

Background: Ashling was the strange orphan child who was raised by her tribe as a whole, though most of her childhood was spent in the woods with the druids and the fey creatures. Eventually, it was natural that she should become a druid herself. When hostilities began to flare between her tribe and the intrusive Amareth, a suspicion of all things arcane was aroused in her people. Alas, Ashling had started to show some natural ability in sorcery at about the same time. In other circumstances, such ability could have been accepted as just another odd aspect of hers, but in these times it took on a sinister appearance. Thus, she was turned out of her tribe, sent off to ease their fears.

On the road with her horse (a fine specimen of the compact and hardy Siencyn breed) and her weasel familiar, she remained resolutely cheerful and decided to use this opportunity to learn as much as she could about the world and its peoples. She skirted Amareth and visited some parts of Sclavini, making her way to Shieldmeet from there. Once there she was finally able to start learning the common tongue in earnest as most Sclavini she had met insisted on teaching her little bits of Sclavini instead despite her determination that common would be more useful to her in her travels, thus confounding and confusing her. The multicultural druidic community that dwells in the forest outside the city welcomed her and Ashling endeavored to make herself useful to them. In spite of her natural affinity for the woods, she liked to make occasional exploratory forays into the city. She used her small skills as an herbalist to concoct simple floral waters that she could sell on these city trips; the transactions gave her the opportunity to chat with her customers.

Recently, trouble has come to the once peaceful woods. Young druid acolytes have begun to disappear. Ashling gladly accepted a request to search for one of the missing acolytes and met up with an add group of adventurers.

Description: Standing just below 5 and a half feet with glittering green eyes, she appears delicately lovely and graceful - in this an observer who spots her in the deep woods might mistake her for one of the Fey. Her long, straight brown hair is worn down with several narrow braids randomly strewn through it. Feathers, bits of plants and flowers, twigs and other small natural items are woven into the braids. She usually wears sturdy clothes in earthy green tones: narrow pants tied around the calves with thongs, low boots, and a long shirt falling to her knees, slit at the sides to the hip for ease of movement. In cooler weather she wears a brown wool doublet over the shirt (is the type in which the sleeves are tied on at the shoulder) and in warmer weather she usually just belts it. When circumstances call for it, she wears leather armor embossed with an oak leaf design. From her belt hangs a dagger, a wooden club, a few pouches, and several bunches of herbs (see equipment list). For jewelry she wears necklaces of leather and twine strung with beads made from wood, bone, and semi-precious stones. However, sometimes, especially on nights when the forest creatures are in revelry, she wears nothing at all.

She is accompanied by a bright eyed weasel familiar, Una, and a Siencyn mare, Trista. The horse is small, only slightly larger than a pony, but strong and handsome with elegant surefooted gaits. Trista is dark grey roan in color with pitch black mane, tail, and stockings. Ashling often rides bareback, sometimes even forgoing the use of her rope bit-less bridle. When traveling, however, she uses the rope bridle and a felt bareback pad to which she secures her hempen saddlebags.

When she sets aside darker thoughts, Ashling is bright, good natured and open. She likes to talk, to laugh, dance and sing. She is rarely opposed to drinking, though she does not particularly care for the Sclavini favorite, vodka, favoring mead or wine instead. She possesses great compassion, not only for natural creatures but for humanoids as well. As it is her firm belief that people should be treated as individuals, she strives against the temptation to judge people she meets by their race or nationality, especially when it comes to the Amareth who she feels are responsible for forcing her to leave her home. Lately, she has become more quiet and introspective; the flashes of bright laughter are much more rare.

new_Una1.jpg horse1.jpg
Una, her weasel (mink) familiar Trista, her horse (yes, the bottom picture is a boy horse - I include it to show the grey roan color and relative size)

Ashling's Belongings

For/on her horse:

  • finely woven green hemp bit-less bridle in the Basiran style
  • hemp saddlebags
  • bareback pad (felt&hemp&leather; no stirrups)
  • winter blanket
  • club (stained green; seems to have been used mainly to macerate fresh herbs)
  • magic bedroll

In her saddlebags:

  • flint&steel
  • waterskin
  • wine gourd
  • healer's kit
  • spare traveler's clothes
  • stiff bristled horse brush
  • clean rags
  • wooden comb (for her own hair)
  • sack-type backpack containing some of her herbs
  • small pottery vial w/cork (x4)
  • small clay pot with cork (x2)
  • pottery vial of hemp seed oil
  • pottery vial of witch hazel water
  • oatmeal soap wrapped in waxed cloth
  • chunk of beeswax
  • small hardwood mortar&pestle
  • ivy embossed leather gloves
  • interesting small rocks, pieces of wood, acorns, etc.
  • various nuts, berries, tubers collected along the way
  • some of her funds
  • journal
  • quills (x3)
  • bottle of ink (wrapped in a rag or two)
  • sheets of parchment (x2)
  • glazed clay cup with pouring spout
  • silver inlaid bronze-wood scroll case (waterproof):
    • druid scroll: 1. barkskin +2, 2. scroll of bull's strength
    • arcane scroll: 1. acid arrow (lvl 2, cast 3) 2. expeditious retreat (lvl 1, cast 1)
    • arcane scroll: 1. shield (lvl 1, cast 1)
    • arcane scroll: 1. blur (lvl 2, cast 3), 2. enlarge person (lvl 1, cast 1), 3. protection from evil (lvl 1, cast 1)
    • arcane scroll: 1. detect secret doors (lvl 1, cast 1), 2. knock (lvl 2, cast 3)
  • star etched bone scroll case (waterproof, protection from fire 5/30):
    • divine scroll: true resurrection
    • divine scroll: miracle
    • divine scroll: vision
    • arcane scroll (x2): teleport
    • arcane scroll: 1. scorching ray (lvl 2, cast 3) 2. daze monster (lvl 2, cast 3) 3. deafness (lvl 2, cast 3)
  • Elven primer
  • spare scroll cases: silver inlaid bronzewood scroll case (waterproof), slender snakeskin scroll case (waterproof), run-of-the-mill wooden scroll case
  • flask of sunflower oil
  • gleaming black onyx amulet
  • sickle (tied on outside of saddlebag)

On her person:

  • traveler's clothes, belt, boots (usually) - at the moment, Vasant style with head scarf and veil
  • leather armor embossed with oak leaves (MW, worn when traveling)
  • cold iron dagger with druidic markings
  • cloak of resistance +1
  • wand of cure light wounds
  • wand of cure light wounds (caster level 5)
  • wand of cure minor wounds
  • quartz tipped lemonwood wand of daylight (3 ch)
  • blue pearl pendant on gold chain - pearl of power level 1
  • belt pouch: chalk (x5), fishhook (x5), potion of lesser restoration, some of her funds
  • spell component pouch: short piece of copper wire, chunks of phosphorescent moss, clear quartz crystal point, tiny cloak, grasshopper legs (x4), small handful of dirt wrapped in a rag, small handful of clay dust wrapped in a cloth, tuft of cat hair
  • sling & slingstones (x10)
  • bunches of herbs and dried flowers
  • a couple necklaces of semiprecious stones, wood and bone beads
  • small glass vial of mysterious liquid
  • drinking horn
  • silver flask with leather sheath (worn on her belt)
  • small lead box
  • rose quartz charm on silver chain: immunity to disease
  • herbal sachet to absorb taint

Ashling's Journal

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