Bin Ther
  • Race: Changeling
  • Class: Wizard (Evocation) 3/Master Specialist (Evocation) 3
  • Country of Origin: Vasant
  • Profession: Wanderer/Flute Player


Bin is a changeling who has had no relations with his own race, having grown up in a orphanage since a young boy. Bin's master (who is yet to be named…) had saw bin as he was traveling by and decided to teach the boy for he had no apprentice, thus having learned his ways of wizardry from a master from the school of Evocation Bin has inadvertently picked up the same traits as his master. Bin was taught the ways of an individual, respect those in station, and preserve all life unless necessary. With those teaching in line Bin was told by his master to answer one important questions that all Wizards must answer some day…

"What is true purpose of the Wizard?"

Stuff Bin(Or Travis) has done:
Bin's Diary
Spell Scarred

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