Celestyna Kazimiera

(Tsĕ-lĕs-tĭ-nä Kä-zē-mē-ĕ-rä)

Class: Warlock5/FavoredSoul1
Nickname: Kazi
Other known aliases: Kazi Havel, Celestyna Kazimiera Tyszka Havel Gostislav
Country of origin: Sclavini
Region: Andrzej
Current profession: Performer, Sclavini carnival; enterprising adventurer extraordinaire; prosaic scholar; altruistic volunteer; Assistant Boom Boom hopeful; wife; errant Heir of Gostislav Family of Andrzej; Sclavini freedom fighter

Kazi has been performing with a Sclavini carnival since her arrival in the city of Shieldmeet with her compatriot, performance partner, and friend husband Feliks Havel. She is known particularly for her comedic acting, combining her sharp wit, charm, and dashing good looks to complement Feliks' awe-inspiring fire-eating and acrobatic routine.

Despite her sometimes flippant facade, she is a young woman of some mystery. Standing a mere 5'2" in height, she more than makes up for her petite frame with an overwhelming presence. She favors the whip-dagger and clawed bracer, though has some skill with the throwing axe and crossbow, as any proper Sclavini citizen.

She sports a wealth of black curls, kept under control with a stylish purple silk scarf or black felt hat with a jaunty purple feather. Her usual outfit consists of black leather breeches, knee high black leather boots, a white silk shirt, plenty of silver bangle bracelets (and other silver jewelry), and a black cloak with purple silk lining. Most recently, she has accented her wardrobe with several items featuring great flair (a few gifts from her dear Feliks!). Also of note, she now wears a matching band to Feliks'. (whatever does that mean? I believe it's become a bit clearer now!) When adventuring she will wear black studded leather armor of fine quality.

Recently, she has taken up adventuring under the employ of Aben Hamar. Her traveling companions (close friends all, my darlings) have noted the manifestation of some rather peculiar talents. Indeed, Kazi harnesses the wild Eldritch energies and bends them to her will in an effort to fight the good fight. She has also of late shown a propensity for channeling divine energy, a gift of her benevolent benefactor, the Grey Wolf.

Kazi is rather implacable in her strong dislike of the Amarethi, haunted both by the tragedy that befell the caravan in which she and Feliks were originally members and a strong nationalistic sentiment (an attitude that is particularly notable in citizens from the Andrzej region). The Sclavini are at war with the Amarethi, and Kazi regards most Amarethi with distinct disdain, though she has come to like a few on a limited and individual basis. Her generous spirit and kind heart wins out over general hostility, for the most part.

She is always happy to see what the adventure the new day holds for her, especially if the day ends with a round of vodka or spiced wine for all.

An added complication of late is the revelation of her true identity as the missing (errant) Heir of the Gostislav Family of Andrzej. No doubt the current Amarethi occupation of her ancestral homelands will play a key role in her continuing (mis)adventures, even as her intrepid, kind-hearted husband attempts to keep her off the warpath and on the straight and narrow.

Current XP: 19,259/21,000


Kazi's Journal



  • +1 Whip-dagger
  • Claw bracer (silver)
  • Throwing axe
  • Light Crossbow + 50 bolts
  • Knives (2)
  • Whip (standard, performance)


  • Mithril chain shirt

Other Gear (gear known to be magical in italics):

  • Adventuring outfit of courtier quality in red moonsilk (x2)
  • Cold weather outfit
  • Standard explorer's outfit
  • Entertainer's outfit (x2) (one in fabulous RED LEATHER)
  • Wedding dress
  • Sclavini hearth blanket embroidered with a wolf's head and stylized flames
  • Backpack
  • Waterskin
  • Bedroll
  • Winter blanket
  • Flint and steel
  • Belt pouch
  • Whip feather token
  • Sclavini Spirit Doll (formerly magical)
  • Healing salve (speed healing 25%, 2@) x4
  • Potion CLW (x4)
  • Nice comb
  • black ruby rose on a string of pale freshwater pearls
  • wolf etched opal prayer beads
  • magnificient silver-tipped black bearskin cloak
  • idol/token of the Grey Wolf
  • taint absorbing item (worn) * note that Kazi and Feliks both have one, and each of them is wearing theirs
  • hobgoblin luck fetish (break for a one time +1 to a save)
  • Resia's pendant
  • White gold wedding band engraved with flames and set with amethysts, engraved with a phrase in Ignan

Wand Belt

  • luminous crystal wand set with a moonstone (Cure Disease - 4 charges)
  • braided copper, bronze, and tin wand (feather fall - 9 charges)
  • gold-flecked opaque sunstone wand (light - 6 charges)
  • amber tipped crystal wand (flame strike - 2 charges) spent in a most glorious fashion to bring on the hurt
  • wand of cure light wounds (8 charges)

Silver inlaid bronze-wood scroll case

  • cure disease x 1
  • dispel magic x 1
  • secure shelter x 2
  • teleportation x 1
  • remove paralysis x 1
  • fly x 1
  • remove curse x 1
  • continual flame x 1
  • alarm x 2

Money and things

GP: 83 plus some (need to figure this out)
SP: 6
CP: 20

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