Idhrenion Crocifisso Evinco Anadrieril
(I tried going for a *real* picture, showing hardships fought and time lived. Tell me if you think it fits, thanks.)
  • Name: Idhrenion Crocifisso Evinco Anadrieril
  • Nickname: Cross
  • Class: Cleric (7) XP: 21548/28000
  • Home Land: Elven lands/Amareth/Tatsuo
  • Current Profession: Wandering healer, errant-heir to the Amareth province Evelice, Husband

Brother to Llyssa and son to Sebrindir, the leader of the dragon knights. Has a wife, Amaya, from Tatsuo (currently kidnapped by Zoriada). His clothing seems to be able to change at will with a snap of his fingers. These clothes appear to actually be a suit a plate mail black as night with gold and silver trimmings. Has 2 sisters on his fathers side, meaning they are elves. At this point the party knows no more than this. (Will update as more info is revealed to the party)

Physical Description:
Standing at 6 feet and having a moderate build, Cross can look impressive stature-wise amongst many of his elven counterparts. Having one scar running along his lower left jaw he is otherwise unscathed for the most part, even this one scar is hard to see unless looked upon at the right angle. Cross sports a slightly darker tan compared to other elven influenced half-elves but when compared to any working man of non-elven decent he is still of fair complexion. The right side of his neck, and what may be the rest of his shoulder, sports a tattoo that appears to be Righnach in origin. This tatoo for the most part is covered by his clothing but to the observant viewer it can be seen. Cross' clothing normally consists of a fine, black, long-sleeved tunic and black breeches accompanied with a Jinbaori that he is never seen without. The Jinbaori is a sleeveless vest like garment with a collar and comes down to about the mid-thigh , it is mostly colored black with geometric white areas and within these white areas Tatsuo symbols are sewn. Upon his forearms, Cross wears leather vambraces that cover nearly the entire forearm and back of the hand finally ending and attaching at the middle finger. On these vambraces are Sclavini symbols that represent healer and traveler. Cross also wears a 2-piece belt wrapping around not only his waist but also up onto one shoulder, this belt is mostly odd due to the multiple metal symbols sewn into it. Each symbol on the belt seems to be of Falkor origin and vary on meaning, a few mean healer or represent various gods and others seem to represent individual settlements. A leather string is worn around his neck and from that string the symbol of Samad hangs. Another necklace he wears consists of several bone fragments carved into shapes leading to a single bone carving of what appears to be a bird of prey, the design looks to be Itotia in origin. Finally around his right wrist there is a string of beads that carries the symbol of Githrambor and seems to be his holy symbol made of silver. While Cross doesn't appear to wear any armor he still carries a steel shield, a heavy mace off his belt on the right side, and a highly ornamental Tatsuo sword on his left.

(this is a bit exaggerated but the general structure is there. The lower part of the visor swings down a little and opens to the sides, being two pieces, seeing as how it can't go up due to the top part of the visor being longer than the lower part. This longer top part allows for glare reduction and makes it harder to see into the visor but leaves a blind spot above him. I just have to hope that I don't get surprised by meteors falling from above otherwise I'm screwed ^^ .)

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