Fionnuala O Mordha

Race: Human
Origin: Born on Shieldmeet but grew up primarily in Fiachra
Occupations: Road warden, ranger, scout
Hobbies: Hunting with her dog, drinking, tree climbing

Background: Nuala is the eldest of six children - the others all being boys. She and her nearest brother, Arne, were born on Shieldmeet while the others were born in Fiachra after the family moved there to take over her uncle's farm. Nuala's father is originally from Fiachra, but her mother is from Daegal and it is from her that she gets her height. Both Nuala and her mother top her father in height by several inches.

As soon as she was old enough, Nuala attended one of the women's warrior academies of Righnach. There she learned the art of the sword and the bow (and developed a bit of a crush on one of her male instructors). At age nineteen she decided to strike out on her own and returned to Shieldmeet where she took up work suitable for someone with forestry and fighting skills. As of spring of the year 214 she will have been in Shieldmeet for three years. In that time she has developed friendships with a number of other guards and rangers, and has come to be thought of as 'one of the guys' and a fun person to go out drinking with.

Description: Nuala is tall (nearly six feet in height) with bright red hair usually held back in a ponytail, hazel eyes, and quite a few freckles. Her face is not unpleasant to look upon, yet she is no great beauty. She wears studded leather armor beneath a dark brown wool cloak and carries two longswords, a fancy-looking shortbow, and a backpack of gear. At her side is a large but friendly grey wolfhound.

It may be due to the fact that she grew up at the head of five younger brothers, but Nuala generally tends to act like a man. She is often blunt and lacking in social niceities, and though she is confident in both her physical abilities and her ability to handle herself in the wild places of the world, she is aware that she is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Her dog, Nessa, is her most beloved and trusted companion.


Nuala's Belongings

In her backpack:

  • bedroll
  • silk rope (50')
  • sack
  • lavender soap
  • torch (x2)
  • waterskin
  • flint&steel
  • wooden comb
  • spare clothes and a spare pair of boots

In her beltpouch:

  • antitoxin
  • potion of Cure Light Wounds (x3)
  • potion of Shield of Faith (x2)
  • sewing needle (x3)
  • tindertwig (x5)
  • fishhook (x5)
  • chalk (x5)
  • some of her funds

On her person:

  • cloak of resistance
  • studded leather armor
  • longsword (x2)
  • composite shortbow (+2 damage, masterwork)
  • quiver with 20 arrows
  • drinking horn
  • flask
  • dagger
  • gloves of dexterity
  • talisman made of carved Elm wood on a leather cord with green jasper beads
  • remainder of her funds stashed in a secure pocket
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