Iuri Wyrmslayer

Race: Dwarf
Country of Origin: Falkor
Current Profession: Looking for work

Iuri came into town with 4 arrows in his chest and hasn't lost any of the spring in his step, well as much spring as an irritated dwarf has has anyway. Wearing little, if not any, armor it's a wonder how he survived. Iuri claims it was his dwarven sturdiness and tells everyone that they could use some of it, others think it was his stubbornness. The fact that Iuri was traveling through the goblin lands unarmored as he was, even with Maz as a guide, is a little fishy; a few rumors have surfaced saying he's a mage but no proof has shown it's head. The dwarf has made unlikely friends with the half-orc Maz. Quick to speak on behalf of the half-orc and even quicker to plant a fist in someone's face on her behalf, not many will comment on Maz with the grumpy dwarf sitting next to them.

Funds: 12gp, 10sp, 12cp

  • Potion of Cure Light Wounds
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