Jyoqiyuose Flintwhistle
  • Race: Gnome
  • Class: Wilder(8), XP: 29456 / 36000 (as of Session 36 a.k.a. March 4th)
  • Nickname: Flint
  • Country of Origin: Talin
  • Profession: Craftsman at Novobitupur's Firearms in Shieldmeet, Leader/Spokesperson for the Cryptic Crafts Consortium



"Flint", as his friends and associates know him, is currently on his scheduled sabbatical following a six-month internship with Novobitupur's Firearms in Shieldmeet. During a long period of guild-sponsored training in his homeland, Flint showed a particular aptitude in the art of "weapons engineering", which is a gnomish term for explosions, from small (guns) to huge (satchel charges). In his time in Shieldmeet, Flint has helped push the gunpowder-laced envelope, regularly contributing to new firearms designs.

Flint is outgoing and friendly, even for a gnome, and his jovial manner has brought in additional business at Novobitupur's. He understands that many of the less technologically advanced cultures are confused by or even scared of things like guns, the warforged, or automatic bread-butterers. In light of this, he sees himself as an ambassador of sorts, his responsibility being to share this technology with others, to alleviate those fears and get the taller folk to accept the renaissance that's sure to come.

Flint is one of the rare gnomes of the world able to use psionics, or "thought-casting" as the gnomes sometimes call it. He is however usually reticent to discuss his burgeoning ability. His youth was punctuated by one inadvertent manifestation after another, usually in times of stress or illness. While potent, Flint typically has trouble controlling his ability to muddle the minds of his foes, often resulting in psychic backlash if he is not careful.

More recently Flint has been named by Aben as the day-to-day leader of the Cryptic Crafts Consortium. He has attracted a warforged cohort named Jilik who serves in equal parts as his bodyguard and tormentor, in exchange for maintenance/repair services.

Flint is currently in the process of designing a Dirigible.

Flint and his companions recently acquired a vessel that they liberated from pirates. Flint has formed a new crew from some of the defeated pirates as well as some borrowed help from Captain Elan'tah's crew. Flint has named the ship the Devil's Tailand is acting as Captain (though he doesn't know much about being a Captain yet. he's learning though).

Flint's given name is pronounced "Joe-KEYE-uss". "Flint" is also fine, though.


Flint's logbook


(gear known to be magical or psionic in italics):

Weapons (small):

  • Musket
  • 2 masterwork pistols, formerly Vin's
  • Dagger

Armor (small):

  • Gnomish-style pocketed leather armor (+2, legacy item)

Other Gear (carried)

  • Logbook
  • Powderhorn
  • 66 regular bullets, 50 silvered bullets
  • Artisan's outfit (overalls, work smock)
  • Kazi's demonic acorn charm
  • Kazi's demonic walnut necklace
  • 2 completed smoke bombs
  • 3 prototype powder bombs
  • 3 sunrods
  • pipe and other smoking implements (for medicinal purposes)
  • Anti-taint item purchased before the LondDaer mission
  • little cloth bag on cord of braided horsehair (anti-taint item from Ashling, works for seven days)
  • delicate flame shaped ruby / cognizance crystal (1 point)
  • small luminous crystal rune sphere / dorje: missive, mass (2nd level) (charges 22)
  • ruby-studded steel vambrace / bracers of archery, lesser
  • Dragon headed signet ring / ring of mind shielding
  • 2 scrolls of repair moderate damage
  • enhanced artisan's tools

Other Gear (in storage)

  • Set of dinner clothes
  • Set of winter clothes
  • Rubber Suit and Gas Mask (encumbers wearer but gives +2 to saves vs. disease, and contact/inhaled poisons)
  • silver clasped black sealskin cape (gift from Rudolph)
  • gleaming black onyx amulet (gift from Rudolph)
  • bullet mold (for making new bullets in smithy)
  • miniature scale airship / enchanted to fly
  • homemade pistol, disassembled
  • crate of 10 satchel charges
  • Masterwork Artisan's tools
  • Bart's journal
  • 30gp worth of raw crafting material
  • Partially completed smoke bomb (320sp completed)
  • various pieces of 323A, a recently-exploded warforged
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