Krix thought he was just an ordinary kobold. Then a bunch of raiders killed his clan, cornering him. Something happened. Krix is fairly confident he'd have gone on a killing spree and wiped out everyone that had ever endangered his clan, except for a chance encounter with a silver dragon called Iarylusite. She explained to the little kobold that he'd been given a gift, and Krix spent the next three years of his life living with the dragon, learning from her and mastering his abilities. He would probably be living with him still if a group of bugbear raiders hadn't managed to take her by surprise and kill her. They stole what they wanted from her lair, burning the books that Krix had treasured. Krix went hunting. He found the bugbears, and laid waste. There were some prisoners in the bugbear camp, human children. Krix took them home, and found the villagers treated him kindly in response, offering him a home among them, even taking him to the elvish healer Inirinuadi when he was wounded. So, he stayed. The village is poor, and in desperate need of help. Krix heard there is a lord offering pay and food in exchange for soldiers, and decided to follow up. He figures they'll dismiss him out of hand. Folks always do. The advantage of surprise is sooo useful.

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