Mar'Solla Nekillith

* Race: Halfling Tallfellow
* Class: Cleric(6), XP: 15000 / 21000
* Deity: Mider
* Country of Origin: Righnach


A tall halfling with green-grey eyes, and faded, washed-out brown hair cascading down like a mane around her small head.

She's wearing a dusty brown cloak underneath a sturdy traveller's leather vest with metal strips forming a skirt around the waist. She appears to be wearing some kind of holy symbol around her neck, but as you try to get a closer look at it, she swiftly tucks it away underneath her shirt.

When she speaks, she speaks with a cheery, thick Oriana accent. She smiles, and though it seems a genuine smile, her grey eyes remain calculating and cold, always seeming to look through you.


Mar'Solla doesn't talk about her background much, and when she does, she seems to be vague on some parts and unduly emphasize others, giving the impression she's either keeping something back, or merely keen to "set the record straight" about her necromantic proclivities.

She was born in north Righnach, close to the border of Sclavini. Her mother was an undertaker for the small township/shire where they lived, and her father was a priest with a wandering Slavini gypsy band. She talks about the place where she grew up with a mixture of fond nostalgia, and scathing bitterness. This is one of the parts she won't talk about much, but apparently the township came under attack and what defenders there were died off fairly quickly. Mar'Solla, who had been busy delving into knowledge that her parents thought better left alone, raised several of the towns fallen defenders and buried warriors of previous generations, and used them to turn the tide- her community, showing what she describes only as "foolish, petty jealously and ridiculous ingratitude", promptly turfed her out, leaving her to wander the land. She rants incoherently about something she refers to as "the Candle", and how "the bastards had no right to take it from me, no bloody right at all. Probably destroyed it, too, th' savages."

She fell in with a wandering band of mercenaries for a while, and there met a priestress of the goddess Mider, who transformed her vague faith in the divine concept of Benesh into a more formalised devotion to Mider. The mercenary group eventually ran afoul of the necromancer Sultavinas, and after an abortive contract to aid a local lord against the necromancer's marauding undead that led to the undead being destroyed and Sultavinas wounded, but the company itself almost wiped out, the survivors deciding to pursue the weakened necromancer and stop him for good.

The group followed him to the neutral port of Shieldmeet, where he hoped to evade the authorities of his failed attempt to usurp the lord's power. After a long and eventful voyage, and a two-month long game of cat and mouse within the city itself, they slew him, but at great cost. The survivors made it clear to Mar'Solla that she was no longer welcome amoung them- although being as she indirectly implies that they knew about her necromantic inclinations, it's not clear exactly what else she did that caused them to reject her after their quest was accomplished- and set off to parts unknown without her.

Mar'Solla drifted for a while, attempting to find a cabal or temple to her deity in the city and claim a position there, and she was approached by a representative of the Cult of the Void. Feeling rejected and lonely and desperate for like-minded peers, she was at first enthusiastic, but it soon became clear to her that the cult were, as she puts it, "A bunch of bleedin' lunatics what are just begging to get themselves hung from th' gibbits or lynched by some militia or other", and she thought that it best she perform her civic duty and turn them over to the authorities. Although reading between the lines, it seems very clear that she was hoping for a substantial reward for her betrayal. She's certainly not happy about narrowly escaping being arrested and charged, and then turned over to the custody of what she clearly considers another mercenary company.

Weapons (small):

* Heavy Mace
* Dagger
* Longspear
* Light Crossbow

Armor (small):

* Leather Armor
* Light Wooden Shield

4x Sunrod
1x Holy Water
1x Unholy Water

Magic Items:
Bag of Holding I. Lining her backpack so as to be less conspicuous.
Everburning Torch. Made herself, fairly recently.
Scepter of the Netherworld (+3 levels to rebuking) 9,000gp. Mar'Solla makes a point of boasting that she pried this item from the hands of Sultavinas's corpse.

Mundane Items:
Way too many to bother listing.

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