Maz Darkfinder


Maz is a young woman of half-orc descent, standing a couple inches under six feet in height with thick, coarse black hair kept in check by a black leather headband. Her skin has a greenish cast to it that does not seem to go well with her small yellow eyes. Her face is all planes and angles; a hook-like nose protrudes sharply above thin lips. Her clothes are made of a rough homespun wool in various shades of brown and over these she wears worn studded leather armor and a grey cloak. The way she stands and moves gives an impression of solidity and, in contrast to her general unattractiveness, a certain animal grace bringing to mind the bearing of an elk or a bear in the deep wilds.

An interview with Maz


Name: "Maz Darkfinder."
Race: "Half-orc."
Age: "Old enough." (pause, sigh) "Oh all right, 20."
Occupation: "Scout for hire, keeping a certain dwarf out of trouble."
Country of Origin: "What do you want to know that for?"
Known languages: "The one we're speaking right now, Orc, elf talk."
Size: "Just right, except for dwarf caves."
Gender: "If you can't answer that yourself I'll punch you right in the mouth." (ed. note: female)
Favorite pastimes: "Eating, drinking, camping, crochet. Haha! Just kidding! You totally fell for it too!"
Family: "Pappy back home. Ma ditched us way back."
Reason for visiting our town: "Looking for work, of course. Why else would anyone come to this dump?"
Religion: "Whichever one will not cause me to be persecuted wherever I happen to be."
Guild or Association memberships: "Are you kidding?" (ed. note: none)
Ideal job: "Dressmaker. What, don't believe me? How about Excavation Labor Manager? Idler? Professional drunk? No, you're right. I am NOT taking this seriously."
Favorite color: "Brown. No, really. I just love a good earthy brown."
If you could be any animal what would it be: "Non-magical animal? Hm… A big brown bear. No one messes with them - they can rip your head right off. How sweet would that be?"
Monetary funds: "Yes, I'll take some. Oh, you mean MY funds. I have some. Nosy question."
Favorite food: "Roast boar. Oh man, nothing like taking a chunk off a whole boar that's been spit roasted over oak. So juicy…."
Marital status: "No husband, no plans for one either. And no, the dwarf is NOT my lover. What, you the local pimp? I'm a scout for hire, not an ass for hire. Think I'm done here."
-interview ended-

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