Muken Kenyoubi

Name: Muken Kenyoubi
Class: Psionic Artificer XP:Never enough(21000+5700)/28000
Homeland: Tatsuo, Dokuohtei
Current Profession: Wandering Merchant of Priestly Rituals and Trinkets.

Born in a monestary in a semi remote area of Dokuohtei, Muken was trained from a young age for
spiritual persuits. When the monks learned of his unique talents in artificing, they were estatic, for
very few talented artificers seemed interested in working for a monestary. Through years of training,
Muken's knack became fairly well developed, and he was very proud to serve in his place in life. With such
a promising life, it is a mystery to anyone why he would have given it up.(Perhaps he will share?)

Now Muken travels whereever fate takes him, selling his wares, and performing rituals, mostly to
earn some sort of living.


Standing at 5'4" Muken is of about average height for a human from Tatsuo. He is also fairly
scrawny as his life hasn't led him to be overly physical. Atop his head is a wide sugegasa, or straw
hat, ment to keep the bright lights shining directly into his eyes, yet the width of the hat, combined with
his height, tend to obstruct most attempts to see his brown eyes.

Muken wears a white kimono, that ends below his knees. It has a blue sleeveless kimono layer
and around his waist,a white obi. On the back of the kimono is a triple ying yang.The sleeves
end just below his elbow, and from there a set of cloth bracers continue to his wrists, where a flap
covers the back of his hand with a ring of material that his middle finger is slid through, to hold the
flap in place.

He wears a white samue underneath his kimono, that includes a pair of pants as well. the pants are
lose, but not baggy, and are tied around his shins by white cords. He wairs a pair of white tabi socks and
finally a pair of waraji sandals.

Muken clutches a staff in his left hand that bears and ornate head containing 6 rings, 3 on each side.

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