• Race: goliath
  • Class: Duskblade
  • Nickname: Slowthinker
  • Region: tatsuo
  • Profession:** Digger, apparently…


Oakigo "Slowthinker" Kanemavutho grew up in the same tribe of goliaths as his brother Kathak "quickblades"… but where one brother became enamored of the way of the Samurai, the other found himself obsessed with the tales of elves and their magic. Spells to cook, spells to clean, spells to fight their battles… leaving them nothing to do all day but sing and dance and while away the hours.
None of which interested Oakigo, of course, except for the wondrous magic that made it possible. So when it came time for his Temporary, he wasted no time in heading straight for the forests where the elves were rumored to make their home. He traveled through strange places, filled with peoples he had never seen before… and who only vaguely resembled the tales he had heard of them. He became nervous, wondering if the elves would also differ from the tales, and how…
He was soon to find out. When he reached the elves, and declared that he desired to study their lore, he found that they didn't even know who goliaths were, much less speak their language.
Nevertheless, they eventually managed to communicate… and if it were not for the admiration they developed during the process, they probably would have turned him away. But they did not, and his studies began.

His tribe nicknamed him Slowthinker because of his tendency to ponder… the elves, on the other hand, had taken to calling him "Throzair," or "lightning lore," because compared to them, he was brash and impulsive… but also undeniably talented.
Which made it all the more frustrating for him, really. He watched the elves at their swordplay, their thinblades and court blades dancing in the moonlight… such a fine and natural sight. But when they allowed him to try his hand at it, he was clumsy and inept. They laughed and said that all outsiders had such problems… but he knew better. Archery was even worse… when he practiced the sword, people would watch; when he practiced the bow, people took cover.
Still, he continued to try.
His magical training was the same way. He had difficulty with spellbooks, for some reason. He loved to read, but for some reason he just couldn't manage it. One day, a visiting sorceror came to visit… Oakigo implored the man to take him on as an apprentice… but the mage took one look at the goliath and declared that he would not be able to master even the simplest spell.
Oakigo tried to bear this news well, but the sorceror could see that his heart was breaking… so he took pity on the goliath.
"It is true; you have no aptitude for sorcery, or wizardry… but there is another path to explore," he confided in our young hero.
"No; I won't become a bard!" Oakigo protested.
The sorceror chuckled. "No; you would have even less ability there, I suspect. I speak of a fusion of martial prowess and arcane might, a path that is equal parts magery and hitting things until they break… I speak of the Duskblade."

And so Oakigo began his training. He threw himself into it as he did with his swordplay, or his archery… but the difference was, he was good at this. His teacher quickly disabused him of the notion that the traditional elven weapons were the right choice for everyone… as a reward when he learned his first spell, his master had a sword forged for him, not thin, or light, or particularly flexible, but big, heavy… a brute of a weapon, for a less refined fighting style. But no less effective for all that.

Slowthinker joined with the caravan to meet up with his brother, who he hadn't seen for years.



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