Vhid Steelshine
Vhid Steelshine

* Race: Dwarf
* Class: Ranger(6)
* Nickname: Vhid
* Country of Origin: ?
* Profession: Guard in Shieldmeet

Born to one of the many reputable smithies in the Dwarven district of Shieldmeet, Vhid had a natural efficiency with hand to hand weapons and their making. However, after watching one of the few Bowyers in the district go about his work, he gained interest in ranged weaponry. He couldn't believe how a weapon could be so graceful yet versatile. Convinced that no other weapon suited him so soundly, he sought training as a ranger. After mastering the longbow he took to the forests on the southern borders of Shieldmeet and surrounded himself with nature. In doing so, he felt compelled to venture beyond the borders of the tiny island. He eventually returned to Shieldmeet, from the forests, and was offered to be a city guard. He knew, though, that he could never be satisfied staying there.

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