The Dwarven District

Council Members

Lord Arngeir Stormhammer of Wulfride (Dwarf Archivist)


The Great Sword Hall

The Cheap Stein

The Paladin's Flagon

The Retired Club Saloon

The Bold Dogs's Alehouse

The Full Cauldron Saloon


Stormhammer Smithy

Owned by Whurrid Stormhammer, a dwarf of high repute. He sells masterwork items, and is willing to take special orders. He will sell to anyone, but refuses to negotiate price. Take it or leave it.

Halldor's Shield's

Oskar's Blades of Distinction

Vigharthur's Armor

Bryjnya's Repairs

Thorsteinn's Brewery

Wermund's Stoneworks

Kelda's Leather Goods

Other Places of Interest

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