The Elven District

Council Members

Lady Araceli do Dijana of Celebrindal (Elf Wizard)

Lord Lómë Tûr (Elf)


The Elated Unicorn

The finer of the two Elvish Taverns in the city, the Elated Unicorn caters mainly to the grey elves. Citizens of Itotia, Orisha, Onatah, and Sclavini are discouraged to patronize.

The Shattered Blessing



Tinowen is a gray elf who trades in magical (wizardly arcane) items. He will occasionally buy items of non-wizard manufacture, but at drastically reduced prices. He does not resell such items. He tends to have a small stock of wands and potions, but otherwise his inventory can change daily. He also carries many standard spell components.

Glilmal's Alchemy

Eoweviel's Books and Scrolls

Nuril's Fine Jewels

Glerion's Boutique

Tinaril's Curios

Goldur's Market

Other Places of Interest

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