Book Item Effect Cost
M113 Lenses of bright vision 3/day project 15-ft. cone of bright light from eyes 600
M118 Pearl of speech Speak and understand one specific language, 1/day command 600
M141 Third eye improvisation 1/day +5 on one check in a skill in which you're untrained 1,000
D257 Goggles of minute seeing +5 bonus on Search for concealed objects within 1 ft. 1,250
M136 Snakeblood tooth +5 on saves against ingested poison; 3 charges/day,various protections against poison 1,350
M75 Blighter's hex-eye 3/day +2d6 points of damage against elves and plants for 1 round 1,400
M215 Lenses of revelation Reveals foe as undead or evil outsider (vestments of divinity) 1,400
M72 Artificer's monocle Use artificer knowledge or detect magic to determine abilities of magic item 1500
M108 Goggles of lifesight 3/day know whether creatures are living, dead, or neither 2000
M116 Mask of sweet air Breathe in unclean air, +5 on saves against stench attacks and inhaled poisons 2,000
M143 Third eye surge 3 charges/day, bonuses on Str- and Dex-based checks and weapon damage 2,100
M91 Crystal mask of knowledge +5 on a specific type of Knowledge check 2,500
M91 Crystal mask of languages Speak, read, and write five specific languages 2,500
D256 Eyes of the eagle +5 on Search 2,500
M108 Goggles of foefinding Ignore enemies' AC bonus from cover 2,500
M138 Spellsight spectacles +5 on Spellcraft to decipher scrolls and Use Magic Device to use scrolls 2,500
M141 Third eye dampening 1/day reduce numeric effects of next power or spell affecting you to minimum 2,500
M141 Third eye expose +5 on Sense Motive 2,500
M141 Third eye freedom 1/day freedom of movement for 1 round 2,600
M201 Panther mask +5-ft. speed, benefit of Run feat in light or no armor (Gharyn's monastic array) 2,700
M90 Corsair's eyepatch 3/day see invisibility for 1 round or gain Blind-Fight for 1 minute 3,000
M141 Third eye clarity 1/day negates confused, dazed, fascinated, or stunned condition 3,000
M98 Eyes of expanded vision +1 on Spot, flanking foes get only +1 bonus, - 2 on saves against gaze attacks 3,200
M115 Mask of blood Rage lasts 1 round longer; 2/day ranged touch attack deals 4d6 acid damage 3,300
D261 Lens of detection +5 on Search and +5 on Survival while tracking 3,500
M193 Mask of mastery +5 on Intimidate, 1/day command (armor of the watching master) 3,500
M210 Raptor's mask +5 on Spot, immune to blinding and dazzling effects (regalia of the phoenix) 3,500
M94 Dragon mask 2/day see invisibility for 5 minutes 4,000
M205 Goggles of the golden sun Immune to blinding, dazzling; 3/day fireball (raiment of the four) 4,000
M115 Mask of mental armor +3 on saving throws against mind-affecting spells and abilities 4,000
M200 Mask of the tiger Gain benefit of Track feat, low-light vision (garb of the hunting cat) 4,000
M107 Goggles of day Operate without penalty in preternaturally bright light 4,500
M115 Mask of lies +5 on Bluff, continuous undetectable alignment; 3/day disguise self 4,500
M116 Mask of silent trickery 2/day omit verbal component of next enchantment or illusion spell 5,000
M99 Eyes of truth +5 on Spot; 1/day true seeing for 1 round 5,500
M117 Monocle of perusal +5 on Appraise, 3/day identify 6,500
M213 Veil of whispers Confuse creature affected by your enchantment spell (seven veils) 7,000
M96 Dreaming blindfold 1/day send dream or nightmare to a sleeping creature 7,500
M142 Third eye penetrate +2 on caster level checks to overcome spell resistance 8,000
M99 Fanged mask Make bite attacks; 3/day stun creature you bite 8,300
M75 Blindfold of true darkness Blindsight out to 30 ft., immune to sight-based effects 9,000
M90 Crystal mask of detection +10 on Search 10,000
M90 Crystal mask of discernment +10 on Sense Motive 10,000
M91 Crystal mask of dread +10 on Intimidate 10,000
M92 Crystal mask of mindarmor +4 on Will saving throws 10,000
M92 Crystal mask of psionic craft +10 on Psicraft 10,000
M92 Crystal mask of visual insight Ignore effects of concealment on any creature within 30 ft. for 1 round 10,000
M98 Eyes of power leech 1/day drain 1d6 power points from target per round, 7 consecutive rounds/day 10,000
M113 Lenses of true form +10 on Spot to penetrate disguise, 1/day force creature to assume true form 10,000
M137 Soulstone Bind soulmelds to brow chakra 10,000
M140 Third eye aware +10 on Spot 10,000
M141 Third eye concentrate +10 on Concentrate 10,000
M141 Third eye gather +10 on Gather Information 10,000
M142 Third eye powerthieve 1/day borrow one power from a psionic target for 70 minutes 10,000
D258 Goggles of night Darkvision out to 60 ft. 12,000
M84 Cannith goggles +5 on Search and Spot, artificers can power the goggles with infusions 13,000
M145 Veil of allure +2 to save DCs of enchantment spells and Cha-based supernatural abilities 14,000
M112 Incarnum focus (goggles) +1 to essentia capacity of soulmelds occupying brow chakra 15,000
M118 Moonstone mask +5 on Listen and Spot, darkvision out to 30 ft. 15,000
M142 Third eye repudiate 1/day dispel magic 15,000
M107 Goggles of draconic vision Various vision-enhancing effects; 1/day blindsense out to 30 ft. for 1 minute 16,000
M108 Goggles of the ebon hunter Darkvision out to 30 ft.; +1 on attack and damage rolls with ranged weapons 18,000
M91 Crystal mask of insight +9 on Search and Spot 20,000
M98 Eyes of power leech, vampiric 1/day drain 1d6 power points from target per round, 13 consecutive rounds/day 20,000
D262 Mask of the skull 1/day mask flies up to 50 ft., attacks a creature as finger of death 22,000
M212 Turquoise veil Petrify creature affected by your transmutation spell (seven veils) 22,000
M142 Third eye sense See and hear a known, distant location, at will 24,000
D256 Eyes of doom Use doom (one lens), use fear and deathwatch (both lenses) 25,000
D256 Eyes of charming Charm person at will 56,000
D256 Eyes of petrification Petrification gaze attack 10 rounds/day 98,000
M141 Third eye conceal Protected from devices and effects that detect or affect emotions or thoughts 120,000
M141 Third eye dominate 1/day dominate monster within 60 ft. 120,000
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