Book Item Effect Cost
M77 Boots of landing Always land on your feet, 2 fewer dice of falling damage than normal 500
M76 Boots of agile leaping Add Dex modifier on Jump, stand from prone more easily 600
M78 Boots of stomping 3/day topple creatures in 15-ft. cone 600
M67 Acrobat boots 3 charges, bonuses to land speed; +2 on Tumble 900
M71 Anklet of translocation 2/day teleport 10 ft. 1,400
M201 Cobra straps After unarmed charge attack, move 5 ft. (Gharyn's monastic array) 1,400
M168 Steadfast boots +4 bonus to resist being moved, constantly set against charge 1,400
M77 Boots of dragonstriding +2 on Climb and Jump; 1/day gain climb speed equal to land speed for 10 rounds 1,500
M78 Boots of the mountain king Ignore some movement-based penalties and skill checks 1,500
M76 Boots of the battle charger 2/day charge as standard action 2,000
M94 Dimension stride boots +2 on Jump; 5 charges/day, teleport up to 60 ft. 2,000
M130 Rock boots +4 on Str checks to avoid bull rushes or trips; 5/day ignore difficult terrain 2,000
M131 Sandals of sprinting 3/day +30 ft. enhancement bonus to land speed until start of next turn 2,300
D250 Boots of elvenkind +5 on Move Silently 2,500
M77 Boots of jumping Running jump more easily; 3 charges/day, bonus on Jump 2,500
D250 Boots of the winterlands Move across ice and snow at normal speed, endure cold 2,500
M77 Boots of desperation 3/day gain movement and dodge bonuses when at half hit points or lower 2,800
M145 Vanguard treads Various stability- and movement-based effects 3,100
M136 Skirmisher boots Make more effective skirmish attacks and mobile attacks 3,200
M119 Quicksilver boots 2/day make an extra move up to land speed, even over liquid 3,500
M79 Boots of the unending journey Fharlanghn: +10-ft. enhancement bonus to speed plus relic powers 4,000
D266 Slippers of spider climbing Walk on walls or ceiling with speed 20 ft. 4,800
M78 Boots of swift passage 5/day teleport 20 ft. 5,000
M79 Boots of tremorsense 3/day tremorsense out to 30 ft. for 5 rounds 5,000
D250 Boots of striding and springing +10-ft. enhancement bonus to speed, +5 on Jump 5,500
M76 Boots of big stepping +2 caster level with teleportation spells; 1/day teleport up to 60 ft. 6,000
M78 Boots of sidestepping 3/day take one free 5-foot step 6,000
M109 Gwaeron's boots Continuous pass without trace, undetectable by scent 6,000
M78 Boots of skating +10-ft. enhancement bonus to land speed, +20-ft. bonus on decline 7,000
D250 Boots of levitation Levitate at will 7,500
M198 Sandals of the light step Various free movement effects (fleet warrior's array) 9,000
M131 Sandals of springing +10 on Jump 10,000
M79 Boots of tracklessness Leave no tracks; 1/day become invisible as greater invisibility for 7 rounds 11,000
D250 Boots of speed Haste self 10 rounds total per day 12,000
M121 Riding boots +5 on Ride during combat, other mounted combat bonuses 12,000
M112 Incarnum focus (boots) +1 to essentia capacity of soulmelds occupying feet chakra 15,000
D250 Winged boots 3/day fly for 5 minutes 16,000
M78 Boots of the mountain king, greater Ignore some movement-based penalties and skill checks; 1/day stoneskin 21,500
M79 Boots of temporal acceleration 1/day enter another time frame for 2 rounds 43,000
D250 Boots of teleportation 3/day teleport 49,000
M206 Cloudwalker anklets Air walk, works in wild shape (raiment of the Stormwalker) 50,000
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