Followers Of Ariadne



Aristeus, son of the Golisu general Demosthenes, was the first (after Kalla) to follow Ariadne Dikaian as his father was a mentor to her. Like her he is a member of the Spears of the Owl, Athena's paladin order; he is a proud young man and driven to live up to his name, "Best," which for now means being Ariadne's best student, which he is. He's also the school's horsemaster.



Though her family comes from Soroush, Artakala and her brother Artamanah grew up in Golisu where their father taught music and lore. Her education was first-rate but she wished for excitement beyond books and so took up martial training (primarily unarmed combat due to her family's objections). An outspoken advocate of ideals of fairness and justice especially in war, she was the first to come to Ariadne from outside the Athenean faith.



Like his sister, Artamanah received an excellent education, but unlike her he chose to follow in their father's footsteps as a bard. But where she is fiery and passionate, he is calm and composed—his favored art is poetry, both in the writing and singing of it. Initially skeptical of Ariadne, he only joined her after hearing her sing and then only after a long debate with her over ethics and aesthetics.



Astrid is a half-elf and proud of it, doubly so in that she was trained in both the magical and martial traditions of her mother's people. Though of Ejnari descent she's lived most of her life in Shieldmeet, where she recently joined Ariadne's academy due to its commitment to "intelligent warfare"—believing of course a martial mage in the elven mode naturally the best at such a thing.



Chrystiania (often just "Anya") has always been deeply spiritual, even as a child, so it was a disappointment to her that she could not become a priestess in her people's religion, so she left the halfling community in Golisu to live with the "big people" where she soon found acceptance in the Temple of Athena Parthenos. She's known Ariadne for many years and joined her as her spiritual advisor, and is also the church's official scribe for this endeavor with the school.



Cornelius has lived most of his life in Tarchon, where much of his clan removed to in order to work on many of that province's great architectural projects. When construction slowed he took up mercenary life instead, and he was persuaded by his comrade-in-arms Valerian to join Ariadne's academy. He acts as a father-figure to many in the school due to his age, but despite his stoic demeanor he loves song maybe more than any of them.



Diomedon is the youngest academy recruit as he was assigned there for his formal hoplite training along with his cousin Glaucon. He's determined to use this opportunity to prove his physical, mental and ethical fitness to join the Spears of the Owl (the physical skills aren't in doubt, and though good of heart he's prone to intemperate living at times).



Glaucon is older than his cousin Diomedon and much more serious and studious of mind. He's also quite pious and would rather have been a priest but with his skills and family standing in Golisu was seemingly destined to be a Spear of the Owl. Maybe more than any other student he's a natural leader and intends to be a statesman someday (hopefully with Ariadne at his side).



Helene was born to an Ertheurthan citizen family but deemed "too sickly" so was raised by Helots and eventually was freed by Golisu forces along with many others during one of their wars. She was trained for war ever since and was assigned by the Spears to Ariadne's school essentially to follow in her footsteps, though is more willing than her leader to be treated as a symbolic figure.



Madhae's family left Oriana for Shieldmeet when she was a child because of the war with Amareth, but she never forgot her love for its wilderness. She, Sarka and Skuld have been friends for several years and they joined Ariadne's academy almost as soon as they heard of it. Although quiet and distant around other people most of the time she is highly observant and aware of her surroundings so when she does talk she can be rather blunt and direct. She and Astrid do not get along well.



Polemarchus is an example of why Ertheurtha doesn't like to send its citizens outside of the provice, as he gave up its strict lifestyle soon after coming to Tarchon as part of a small allied force. He became a gladiator and trained in a variety of fighting styles but after being humbled at Kalla's hands he joined Ariadne's school. The experience has moderated his attitude as well.



Sarka is Sclavini by birth though she's never been there as her family has lived in Shieldmeet for a generation. She met Madhae at an archery game several years ago and they've been friends ever since, and later added Skuld to their group. She's the most outgoing of the three but also the most intimidating, though she's not always conscious of that. She dreams of leading her own followers to liberate Bohdan someday.



Skuld has the features of an elf but the height and stature of a human of unquestionably Falkoran descent. She's at her happiest running in wide-open spaces so the adjustment to Shieldmeet has been difficult, though her friendship with Madhae and Sarka has helped. Though she's not the most learned or even-tempered person it was she who suggested they join up with Ariadne's school, judging her immediately as a strong woman worth following.



Tomoe was raised as an orphan in a monastery in Dokuohtei, which was a tough life though she had a high-quality education, and the master at the time deemed her fit for more intense martial training than average. When the old master died and the new one refuse to teach a woman anything but simple techniques, she left it and eventually came to Shieldmeet around the same time as Ariadne and was a natural fit for the academy. She's kind and polite but also highly competitive, especially toward men.



Valerian comes from a family of farmers in Tarchon, but as he was not in line for inheritance he chose the path of the soldier. He went from militia to militia, meeting Cornelius along the way and they trained together often, though when he saw Ariadne he knew he'd finally found the person he was meant to fight for.




Kambei was a masterless samurai from Dokuohtei who claimed to have "never won a battle" though the fact that he's not dead calls that into question which proved correct when he died in defense of Aben's House, though the attack was repelled. His wanderings brought him all the way to Shieldmeet, where after recently meeting Ariadne (he was the newest member) he offered his service to her academy as he believed her cause was just. He was very even-tempered and had a good head for strategy.

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