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Basic OOC chit-chat
38180by ZyanyaZyanya
09 Feb 2009 19:56Jump!
How do I? http://www.d20srd.org/index.htm
836by ZyanyaZyanya
05 Jan 2009 01:40Jump!
Suggestions for the game itself. Munchkin? Rules Lawyer? Have at it! Remember, you have 7 days to comment on any submissions before they are considered 'allowed'
1664by ScylfingScylfing
24 Feb 2009 20:30Jump!
Wednesday Game Discussion
IC and OOC stuff regarding the Wednesday game specifically
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For in-character notes left for party members due to groups splitting. Also a place to relate rumors overheard and plot hooks in need of mutilating.
1759by seismosumpseismosump
09 Jan 2009 00:48Jump!
Worth 10xp per character level. I'll give XP for 1 per session
11101by quentanquentan
05 Feb 2009 20:41Jump!
1160by ZyanyaZyanya
05 Mar 2009 04:03Jump!
Saturday Game
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27by seismosumpseismosump
22 Feb 2009 17:45Jump!
Alternate Games
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11by ZyanyaZyanya
15 Nov 2008 14:53Jump!
16by ScylfingScylfing
15 Feb 2009 18:11Jump!
The World
Discuss the campaign setting here. When stuff is finalized or okayed it can be moved to a wiki page.
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Contributions can earn bonus XP
411by ZyanyaZyanya
19 Aug 2008 01:31Jump!
Contributions can earn bonus XP
423by seismosumpseismosump
03 Nov 2008 18:18Jump!
Contributions can earn bonus XP
825by realityglitchrealityglitch
07 Mar 2009 20:56Jump!
Contributions can earn bonus XP
23by ZyanyaZyanya
11 Aug 2008 15:40Jump!
Contributions can earn bonus XP
22by realityglitchrealityglitch
07 Mar 2009 22:12Jump!
Contributions can earn bonus XP
24by ZyanyaZyanya
09 Nov 2008 13:42Jump!

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