Life and Society:

Cipriano place a high value on what others think of them. Peer and family pressure strongly influence individual behavior. Personal pride and appearance—making a good impression and meeting social conventions and expectations—are extremely important. People seek to project an impression of affluence and social position. Regional identities and devotions are strong and increasingly expressed.

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Personal honor is highly valued: keeping one's word and commitments is an expression of that honor. The Cipriano are generally sociable and helpful. Many are quite talkative and uncomfortable with silence. They enjoy giving advice, considering it their duty to correct “errors” they see in others. However, rules and punctuality tend to be interpreted in a relaxed way by Cipriano.

The family is important in Cipriano. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins commonly maintain close relations with the nuclear family. The father is traditionally the undisputed head of the home. the wife is responsible for caring for the house and children. Children, especially boys, are not expected to help with housework. They usually live with their parents until they marry, regardless of age, and they do not contribute financially to the household. Men are expected to be strong and “masculine,” while women are expected to be understanding and “feminine.” Parents must approve a potential spouse. Children take both the surname of their father and of their mother, though the father's is considered of greater import.

When someone dies, burial usually occurs within two days. Family members and close friends traditionally wear black luto (mourning) clothes. Elderly people may observe luto for the rest of their lives. On the anniversary of a death, a religious ceremony is held to honor the deceased.

Music and dance play an important role in the lives of Cipriano . Some common instruments in Cipriano music include guitars, castañuelas (castanets), tambourines, and gaitas (bagpipes). Each region has its own folk dance, music, and dress. Their flamenco dance is world famous.

Fiestas are usually held on the birthdays of popular saints.


The Church of Samad is very important in Cipriano and children are presented to the church several times in their lives. They are baptized at a young age, and take communion to be considered 'adults'. They are given a name at birth, a name at baptism, and choose a name for themselves at communion, making a Cipriano full name five names long. It is considered a high honor to give a child a baptismal name for a beloved relative. Communion names are generally after saints.





Major Geographic Features:

Ancient Cave of Silence

Silver Border Swamp

Wood of Soft Olives

The Wood of Soft Olives forms the border between Cipriano and Letizia.

River of Providence

Important Sites:



Population: 33,604
Power Center: Conventional
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Gold Piece Limit: 100,000; Ready Cash: 168,000,000
Isolated; Humans: 32,259; Halflings: 195; Elves: 636; Dwarves: 72; Gnomes: 20; Half-Elves: 85; Half-Orcs: 0; Others: 337


Population: 38,197
Power Center: Conventional
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Gold Piece Limit: 100,000; Ready Cash: 190,950,000
Integrated; Humans: 20,132; Halflings: 3,639; Elves: 6,875; Dwarves: 3,819; Gnomes: 1,673; Half-Elves: 1,909; Half-Orcs: 145; Others: 5

Mereru (Large Town)

Population: 4,028
Power Center: Conventional
Alignment: Lawful Good
Gold Piece Limit: 3,000; Ready Cash: 603,000
Integrated; Humans: 1,890; Halflings: 405; Elves: 725; Dwarves: 402; Gnomes: 281; Half-Elves: 201; Half-Orcs: 120; Others: 4

Dleuhid (Large Town)

Population: 24,859
Power Center: Conventional
Alignment: Lawful Good
Gold Piece Limit: 40,000; Ready Cash: 49,700,000
Integrated; Humans: 14,197; Halflings: 1,971; Elves: 4,474; Dwarves: 1,485; Gnomes: 740; Half-Elves: 1,242; Half-Orcs: 745; Others: 5

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