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Theater, especially morality plays, are considered the highest form of art amongst the Dede , and they are very popular amongst the common people. Many Dede priests take up acting as a method of spreading their beliefs, and wandering groups of Dede missionary-theater companies are a common sight in other lands. Dede artisans also create realistic statuary from terra cotta or soft stone.

The Dede dress lightly, sometimes wearing little more than a loincloth. In colder weather, they will supplement this with a heavy cloak in a dark color such as deep blue, royal purple, or forest green. They are fond of hats and elaborate headdresses. Both males and females braid their hair into tight locks.

They excel at body painting using the colorful minerals found in the mountains. Most Dede cover their faces and arms with body paint, especially before entering battle or performing a ritual. Most designs are angular and geometric, indicating the wearer's status within society.

The Dede have rich farm land, and grow a variety of crops, including taro, barley, yams, and peanuts. They do not eat beef. Most of the Dede diet is vegetarian, supplemented with seafood and pork.



The Dede are a very ritualistic people. They have rituals to perform when waking up in the morning, prayers to utter before eating, rituals to complete before setting out on journey, taboos to avoid while traveling, and prayers to say before going to sleep at night.


The nation of Dede is a large and loosely organized group of related peoples, held together more by common customs than anything else.

Dede society is patriarchal, and decisions are typically made by the eldest male of a family. They do not trust larger forms of government, though they will obey the laws of the land.





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