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Duson lies on a mountainous harbor and is one of the richest of the Makarios polis, with several gold mines as well as plenty of copper and tin. They are primarily a mercantile people engaged in overseas trade.
Duson men wear loincloths and kilts. Women wear robes that are open to the navel, leaving their breasts exposed, and had short sleeves and layered flounced skirts. Women also have the option of wearing a strapless fitted bodice. The patterns on clothes emphasizes symmetrical geometric designs.
In Duson, men and women hold equal social status and inheritances are matrilineal.

Bull-leaping is a popular form of entertainment.


Women tend to preside over religious functions. In addition to the Makarios deities, the Duson also believe in a Great Goddess, whom is often represented by snakes. They are rumored to engage in human sacrifice in their religious practices.


They bury their dead in communal tombs. These belonged to clans or extended families and remain in use for many generations. Caves and rock-shelters, as well as buildings of various kinds, are used as tombs. Circular tombs ware built above ground, with low massive stone walls covered with logs and thatch or slabs. Some of the largest tombs, however, with a diameter of 40 feet (12 metres) or more inside, may are vaulted in mud brick. Annexes with cult rooms are built in front of the entrances of some tombs, and others have chambers for offerings around the sides. When a tomb becomes full, a new floor is laid above the earlier burials, or parts of the tomb's annex are brought into use as burial chambers. Sometimes the remains of earlier burials are removed to separate buildings or enclosures nearby.


Duson is ruled by a hereditary king.




They raise cattle, sheep, pigs, and goats, and grow wheat, barley, vetch, and chickpeas, they also cultivate grapes, figs, and olives, and grow poppies, for poppyseed and opium. They domesticate bees, and grow pomegranates and quinces

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Population: 29,111
Power Center: Conventional
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Gold Piece Limit: 100,000; Ready Cash: 145,550,000
Humans: 22,771; Halflings: 822; Elves: 2,239; Dwarves: 911; Gnomes: 037; Half-Elves: 1,455; Half-Orcs: 873; Others: 3


Population: 8,972
Power Center: Conventional
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Gold Piece Limit: 15,000; Ready Cash: 6,727,500
Humans: 5,319; Halflings: 794; Elves: 614; Dwarves: 897; Gnomes: 628; Half-Elves: 448; Half-Orcs: 269; Others: 3


Population: 8,021
Power Center: Conventional
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Gold Piece Limit: 15,000; Ready Cash: 6,015,000
Humans: 6,336; Halflings: 721; Elves: 401; Dwarves: 240; Gnomes: 160; Half-Elves: 80; Half-Orcs: 80; Others: 3


Population: 4,557
Power Center: Conventional
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Gold Piece Limit: 3,000; Ready Cash: 682,500
Humans: 3,600; Halflings: 410; Elves: 227; Dwarves: 136; Gnomes: 91; Half-Elves: 45; Half-Orcs: 45; Others: 3

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