Life and Society:

Ejnar try to create equality by supporting weaker members of society because of their respect for every citizen's right to a good life. A love for understatement, rather than exaggeration, prevails. To many, the idea of not trying is more acceptable than trying and failing. Ejnar are known for their tolerance of other people and for their diverse points of view. They admire individuals who have a friendly attitude, a sense of humor, intelligence, personal stamina, integrity, and an open mind. They also appreciate those who do not take themselves too seriously.

Proper etiquette when visiting is important in the Ejnar culture. One is not readily invited to a Ejnar home, and offhanded remarks such as “Stop by someday” are not considered invitations. Except when calling on close friends, Ejnar always plan visits in advance; they never arrive unannounced. Because of the weather and the dark winters, Ejnar take great pride in keeping a nice and cozy home. They enjoy having visitors in their homes and do their best to make guests feel welcome; however, one should not follow a host into other rooms unless invited. Guests should arrive on time and follow the host's suggestions of where to sit. The hostess appreciates gifts such as flowers, wine, chocolates, or inexpensive items for the children. When giving flowers, guests should be aware that red roses have romantic connotations. Leaving directly after a meal is impolite; one should stay after to talk. However, conversing about one's personal life is avoided. One does not leave the table until the hostess rises.

Ejnar families are generally small, close-knit, and stable. Unlike most amareth nations, the Ejnar do not take a poor view of those who do not marry, and indeed, nearly a third of all children are illegitimate. Those who do marry tend to marry late in life, at an average of around age 30 for men and 25 for women. Marriages are almost never arranged. Women are awarded a fair amount of equality in Ejnar, even being allowed to own businesses.

Folk dances such as the polka and waltz are accompanied by the accordion, violin, or native instruments, such as the skalmeje (folk clarinet) or bytromme (town drum). Ballet is also popular.



Ejnar is a constitutional monarchy, though still fairly feudal in the rural areas.


The people of Ejnar are rather conservative with their wealth, open displays of riches are considered unseemly and greed is frowned upon.



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Ejnar is known for its architecture, including castles, palaces, and cathedrals.

Brighteye Keep (Large Town)

Population: 14,605
Power Center: Conventional
Alignment: Lawful Good
Gold Piece Limit: 40,000; Ready Cash: 29,200,000
Humans: 10,403; Halflings: 521; Elves: 628; Dwarves: 2,060; Gnomes: 422; Half-Elves: 330; Half-Orcs: 238; Others: 3

Ivory Outpost (Small Town)

Population: 1,205
Power Center: Conventional
Alignment: Lawful Good
Gold Piece Limit: 800; Ready Cash: 48,000
Humans: 1,156; Halflings: 14; Elves: 12; Dwarves: 6; Gnomes: 4; Half-Elves: 0; Half-Orcs: 0; Others: 13

Oredapaan (Metropolis)

Population: 43,400
Power Center: Conventional
Alignment: Lawful Good
Gold Piece Limit: 100,000; Ready Cash: 217,000,000
Humans: 34,286; Halflings: 3,906; Elves: 2,170; Dwarves: 1,302; Gnomes: 868; Half-Elves: 434; Half-Orcs: 434; Others: 0

Tillarl (Metropolis)

Population: 26,612
Power Center: Conventional
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Gold Piece Limit: 100,000; Ready Cash: 133,050,000
Humans: 18,846; Halflings: 722; Elves: 2,790; Dwarves: 1,661; Gnomes: 862; Half-Elves: 1,330; Half-Orcs: 398; Others: 3

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