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Coin From Exchange Rate Picture
Penny Falkor 0.01
Silver Penny Falkor 0.1
Chief's Penny Falkor 1


In spite of the fierce reputation enjoyed by the Falkor, most of their populace are simple farmers. They are self-supporting, but raid for wealth. After they've raided a village a few times, it's not uncommon for them to simply become trade partners instead of just taking what they want. They have explored the Frozen North further than any other people, and are the only peoples that hunt the mammoth and great whales of the northern sea.
They do keep and trade in slaves.


Falkors are a tribal people, though not generally nomadic (except for arguably the raiding parties). Clan are lead by chieftains, which is a generally inherited position. However, a new chieftain must prove his worth to his clan, and receive the accord of his clan. As he was expected to be a warrior, he can be challenged to a rite of combat by any of his clan (though he can have another fight in his stead, this is uncommon). There have been female chieftains.
Society is structured around the concept of kinship. In matters of law, rights and responsibilities resided with kinship groups rather than with individuals. A fine imposed as punishment for a crime was levied against the perpetrator and his kin in clearly delineated proportions, while the portion of the fine that served as compensation to the victim was paid to him and his kin in a similar fashion. As the execution of judgments was left to the parties involved, the ability to collect compensation probably depended to a great extent on the number of warriors a man and his relations were able to muster in defense of their rights.

The Falkor are prone to raiding their neighbors, generally in hit and run attacks from longships. War seems to be the winter sport of the younger men.

Social Castes


The Falkor use runestones as altars and shrines, often carving them near the villages they pillage.


Society of the Blade
Riders of the North

In the World

Character Creation Info


Aodh - Spoken in Daegal and Gerd
Knutr - Spoken in Rae and Zsiga
Unnar (dead language)
Liulfr (dead language, survives in written form only)

Regional Feats

Great Fortitude, Power Attack, Monkey Grip, Soul of the North, Mountain Warrior, Draconic Heritage, Altitude Adaptation, Artic Priest, Cold Endurance, Cold Focus, Mountaineer, Primitive Caster, Snowcasting, Storm Magic, Winter's Champion, Battlefield Inspiration, Reckless Charge, Blooded, Driftwalker, Dwarflore, Giantkiller, Great Fervor, Mountain Fighter, Raider's Spirit, Thug, Plague Resistant, Action Surge, Action Boost, Child of Winter, Dragon Totem, Heroic Spirit, Feral Rearing

Regional Weapons

Atatl, Axe - Ice, Axe - Orc Double, Axe - Throwing, Battleaxe, Bolas, Club, Club - Tigerskull, Dagger, Flail - Heavy, Gauntlet - Spiked, Fullblade, Greataxe, Greatbow, Greatclub, Greatspear, Greatsword, Halberd, Hammer - Double, Handaxe, Longaxe, Longsword, Longbow, Longspear, Mace - Heavy, Maul, Morningstar, Pick - Heavy, Poleaxe - Heavy, Quarterstaff, Scythe, Shortspear, Sickle, Sickle - Heavy, Spear, Spearthrower, Spiked Shield - Heavy/Light, Sling, Sling - War, Harpoon, Sword - Bastard/Short/Two-Bladed, Warhammer

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