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Note: This map is a result of gnomish cartography. There is more to the world than this, this is just as far as the 'civilized' nations have established settlements. Beyond the continents depicted, there is a lot of ocean, and to date no ship has returned from voyages into the east, west, or south. To the north it becomes so cold that even magical protections become insufficient.

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Most technologically advanced of the human civilizations. Long-standing good relationship with the elves. Militarily aggressive. Individual nations range from feudal to democratic, but are united under the Amareth council to form the Amareth empire. The Amareth language is oft referred to as the Common tongue and is used as a trade language.


Advanced culture, near to Amareth. Known for it's philosophers and poets. Fairly constantly at odds with Amareth, dislike elves perhaps for this reason. Home of most of the world's genasi. The native tongue of Basira has two forms, the high tongue - Saba, spoken by the nobility, and the low tongue - Bayat. All written works are in Saba.

Dwarf Lands

The Dwarven Lands are mostly underground, their few above ground mountainholds are located inside the region often mapped out as Falkor. The two peoples are content to share territory and though there are occasional skirmishes, find the coexistence mutually beneficial.

Elven Lands

The Elven Lands lands are some of the oldest civilizations in the world.


The people of the Falkor region have been allies of the dwarves for years, aiding against both giant and goblin incursions.

Gnome Lands

There are Gnome communities in most other regions. Talin is the only gnomish settlement than can properly be termed a city.

Halfling Lands

Halflings live among other races, and rarely have cities to themselves.


Low on the technology level. It's people are sad to be savage head-hunters known for human sacrifice and cannibalism. It's city-states are usually at war with each other, but unite against any outside threats. Due to warfare, the number and names of the city-states are in constant flux. The human language (Izel) and the orc language (Xipil) share an alphabet. Both the humans and orcs of Itotia tend to be heavily tattooed or painted.


The continent of Jaloma is located South of Shieldmeet, near Makarios, Khepri, and Onatah. Jaloma also once counted part of Vasant as it's empire.


The Khepri Empire is an empire in name. Though there are different provinces with slightly different cultural views, the Khepri Empire is under the rule of a single Pharaoh.


Makarios is a single nation governed by a single democratic council, but it's provinces are largely autonomous.


Like Onatah, the lands of the Orisha can scarcely be defined as a single region. Orisha is best termed as the region of the continent not controlled by Khepri and/or Basira.


Tribal peoples that worship totem spirits. Individual tribes vary widely. There are at least 6 written languages in Onatah and many more spoken languages.


The Righnach region was once very fragmented, but is slowly uniting to throw off the yoke of the Amareth empire.


Very superstitious people, some of which are said to be daemon-blooded. Home of the warlocks. Amareth is technically at war with the Sclavini region. It's said that in Sclavini, the woods are filled with monsters and the dead don't stay buried.

Seafolk Islands

The Seafolk call an archipelago of islands their home, but roam the seas freely.


The people of Tatsuo have a reputation for personal honor. They are also known to be stubborn. They value education, and even their warriors are known to recite poetry.


The Vasant region has been united as a single empire before, but is now each Maharajah holds absolute power within his lands. They war with each other often.

Unclaimed Lands

The Islands
The islands are scattered throughout the ocean. A few are claimed by other regions, others are separate enough to be considered their own countries.

Goblin Wilds

The Goblin Wilds are a largely unexplored and untamed area, filled with goblins and dangers even the goblins fear.

Frozen North

The Sclavini and Falkor regions extend into the Frozen North, but beyond their territories the area grows far to cold for most humanoids to survive.

Southern Desert

The Southern Desert is home to many small tribal cultures, but as they are largely nomadic, mapping their territory is impossible.

Unknown East

The Unknown East is largely unexplored, hence it's name. It is believed that the homeland of the dragons lies to the far east.


The Underdark is a network of caves and caverns deep below the surface world.

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