Specific Nations

Duson (Minoan)
Ertheurtha (Sparta)
Golisu (Athens)
Jonusta (Crete)
Taesil (Macedonia)
Usedo (Mycenae)




Coin From Exchange Rate Picture
Drachma Makarios 0.01 owl2-1.jpg
Dekadrachm Makarios 0.1 MakedonPerseus178BC.jpg
Dram Makarios 0.5
Tetradarchm Makarios 1 Arsinoe2.jpg
Denar Makarios 5
Oktadrachmon Makarios 10 MakedonPhilippusStater.jpg



Makarios is divided into a number of sometimes very small self-governing independent states called in poleis.
A polis consists of a city surrounded by countryside. The population lived in the countryside and in the city. The political system (or politics) is actually the membership, organization and function of a polis undertaken only by male citizens, and the government of the polis was concentrated entirely in the city.
The governments of the dozens of city-states are not standardized. They usual started with monarchy (or aristocracy), then tyranny, and then democracy or oligarchy. Usually each polis has a council, assembly and magistrates, with a public gathering place (agora). In more tribal areas, the ethnos (tribe) is the main form of social organization, rather than the polis.
Makarios is a loose confederacy rather than an empire.

Social Castes

Slavery is legal in all Makarios nations, and is in fact a cornerstone of their economy.




College of Concrescent Lore
Spears of the Owl

In the World

Character Creation Info


Aias - Spoken in Duson, Jonusta, and Taesil
Igerna - Spoken in Ertheurtha, Golisu, Usedo, Tarchon, and Belis
Esdras (dead language)

Regional Feats

Magical Aptitude, Negotiator, Persuasive, Communicator, Insightful, Spell Hand, Appraise Magic Value, Force of Personality, Goad, Improved Diversion, Jack of All Trades, Versatile Performer, Magic Device Attunement, Sweet Talker, City Slicker, Inside Connection, Urban Tracking, Resourceful Buyer, Able Learner, Shieldmate, Defensive Expert, Border Watch, Landless Nobility, Mercantile Background, Mercenary Background, Rustic Charm, Sagacious Method, Well Read, Arcane Schooling, Artist, Cosmopolitan, Magical Training, Militia, Street Smart, Thug, Smooth Talk, Silver Palm, Education, Ecclesiarch, Jaded, Machiavellian

Regional Weapons

Battleaxe, Cat-o-nine-tails, Cestus, Chain and Dagger, Club, Shortbow, Shortbow Composite, Dagger, Dagger-Barbed, Dart, Fingerblade, Flail, Gauntlet, Gauntlet - Spiked, Goad, Hammer, Javelin, Javelin - Spinning, Mace, Mancatcher, Morningstar, Pick, Quarterstaff, Spear, Shortspear, Razored Shield, Sap, Scythe, Scourge, Sickle, Sling, Spiked Shield, Sword - Short, Sword - Short Broadblade, Sword Cane - Dagger, Net, Trident, Warhammer, Whip

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