Mgokaz is a hobgoblin society, and perhaps the oldest society in the constantly changing goblin wilds. Unlike most societies, which are a single clan, Mgokaz is made up of a variety of similar tribes.

They are basically nomadic pastoralists who are superb horsemen and travel with their flocks of sheep, goats, cattle, and horses over the immense grasslands of the steppes of the northeast goblin wilds. Traditional Mgokaz society is based on the family, the clan, and the tribe, with clan names derived from those of common male ancestors. As clans merged, the tribal name was taken from that of the strongest clan. In the tribe, weaker clans retained their own headmen and livestock but were subordinate to the strongest clan. In periods of tribal unity, khans (monarchs) assigned commanders to territories from which troops and revenues were gathered. Mgokaz history alternates between periods of tribal conflict and tribal consolidation.

Mgokaz often raids into falkor, utilizing their superior horsemanship for hit and run strikes. falkor has built several walls to keep out larger incursions, but seem resigned to dealing with the smaller raids.

Mgokaz takes slaves with little regard to the species of the slaves.

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