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The Ngozi are best known for being short. Though human, many stand under four feet in height. They live in the bIda rainforest with the near the Wakyambi mountains, and most other people find them a mystery.

Though the Ngozi are also accomplished woodcarvers, their favorite art form is storytelling. A surprising number of Ngozi are bards, and most nights in a Ngozi encampment are spent relating ancient legends and modern tales. A favorite type of story is known as a dilemma tale, which sets up a situation, and asks the listeners to create their own endings.
Ngozi woodcarving takes a variety of forms, mostly masks, fetishes, and decorative weapons.

The Ngozi wear very little clothing, sometimes going naked, or wearing only a grass skirt. In lieu of clothing they prefer to decorate their bodies. The most startling decoration amongst the Ngozi is filed teeth, in which the front teeth are carefully filed to sharp points. Sharpened teeth are considered a sign of valor amongst the Ngozi , but do not make effective weapons.
For ritual purposes, Ngozi wear clothing highly decorated with geometric patterns and a variety of colors. Many Ngozi shave their heads, and Ngozi have little to no body hair.
In addition, some Ngozi wear tattoos - a practice unknown among other orisha cultures. These tattoos are usually geometric patterns that are not representational.

The Ngozi are mostly vegetarians. Their diet consists of fruits and nuts from the rainforest. However, they will occasionally eat animals - mostly insects, fish, or small mammals.

The Ngozi fight with small, lightweight weapons such as daggers, wrist knives and whacking sticks. Shield use is almost unknown amongst them, as many prefer to dual-wield weapons instead. In ranged combat, they rely on darts, throwing knives, and especially blowguns.



The most common rituals amongst the Ngozi are fertility rites. Ngozi women have a very high rate of miscarriage - a phenomenon probably related to their small size.
Many fertility rituals make use of flowers from the forest or bird's eggs. Others involve painting the body with white clay or wearing special amulets or charms in the shape of genitalia.






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