Not all the seafolk are human. Most are Aventi, and just assumed to be human. Though they have non-humans in their societies, they make no distinction on race and it is not unusual to see a Darfellan and a human behaving as siblings.

Specific Nations




Coin From Exchange Rate Picture
Penny Seafolk 0.01 EastIndiacompany173yearsoldCoin.jpg
Shipfish Seafolk 0.1
Triton Seafolk 1 0000Undated1b.jpg
Kraken Seafolk 10


Seafolk are a merchant folk as a whole, and thus are rather wealthy.


Seafolk greet good friends by pressing their noses together, a ritual called hongi.
Carved houses serve as centers of meeting and ceremony, often with intricately decorated totem poles lining the paths.
The extended family is the basis of Seafolk society. Little distinction is made between 'mother' and 'aunt' or 'father' and 'uncle' aboard a seafolk vessel. A ship is a family unit, it is both their home and their livelihood. Men stay with their family's ship while women are traded between ships. Polygamy is common, and couples who are infertile or have recently lost a child are often given a child by relatives (usually a child of a different race).
A seafolk can go their entire lives without setting foot on land.
The captain of a ship is alway female, and elected by the females of the ship, but it is the men who choose which females will come aboard a ship by choosing their wives. Since marriage is not always a love match, inter-species marriages are not unusual. Children are adopted in such cases.
Seafolk as a rule do not wage war among themselves. They will defend themselves against others, though the speed of their deep sea vessels tends to end fights. In the conflicts of other nations they have a strict code of neutrality.
Spontaneous spell-casters are common among the seafolk, but there are few wizards or artificers among their numbers.
Anytime two ships meet is a reason for a festival.

Social Castes

Seafolk consider themselves above social castes. Regardless of your birth, you start from the bottom and work your way to the top.


In addition to their gods, the Seafolk have a strong tradition of ancestor worship. The dead are returned to the sea, and offerings are made to them.



In the World

Character Creation Info


Regional Feats

Acrobatic, Agile, Deft Hands, Close-Quarters Fighting, Brachiation, Improved Swimming, Jack of All Trades, Daredevil Athlete, Resourceful Buyer, Agile Athlete, Sea Legs, Storm Magic, Aquatic Shot, Expert Swimmer, Rapid Swimming, Sailor's Balance, Ship's Mage, Sunken Song, Steam Magic, Windsinger, Water Heritage, Rapscallion, Rustic Charm, Spirit of the Sea, Well Traveled, Mercantile Background, Silver Palm, Stormheart, Surefooted, Treetopper, Ship Savvy, Lucky, Aquatic Spellcasting,

Regional Weapons

Cat-o-nine-tails, Chain and Dagger, Club, Crossbow - Light, Cutlass, Dagger, Gauntlet - Bladed, Hammer - Light, Harpoon, Icechucker, Kukri, Mancatcher, Musket, Net, Pistol, Rapier, Sap, Shortbow - Composite, Shuriken, Staff - Harpoon, Staff - Three Section, Steel Fins, Sugilin, Sword - Short, Trident, Whip, Whip-dagger

Seafolk Fluff

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