Life and Society:

The people of Siencyn tend to be smaller and darker than the other humans of Righnach. Red hair is common. They are prone to tattooing themselves with often intricate spiral patterns. They tend to be quiet people, preferring to live as part of nature rather than dominating their surroundings. When roused though, they are a fierce people.


The Sciencyn worship their gods at shrines made from intricately carved standing stones. These tend to be located in near areas where the spirits of nature are strong rather than in villages. Most priests in Sciencyn are in fact druids.

Where all forms of magic were once welcome in Sciencyn, due to the Amareth invasion wizardry is starting to become distrusted. While some accept that sorcery and wizardry are different, others lump all forms of arcane spell-casting together.


Siencyn is a tribal society. The tribes however, form a loose confederation. The kings of each tribe form a council, and from time to time a high king emerges. They are prone however, to warring among themselves as often as they war with others. They practice matrilineal succession, but are always ruled by kings.

Though they build hill forts, their usual method of warfare is to fade into the forest and utilize guerrilla tactics and their justly famous archers. They are a source of frustration to the Amareth invaders, as the Amareth tactics of burning crops and putting forts under siege are remarkably ineffective against a people as adept at surviving off the land as the Siencyn. Of late, the Amareth overlords are content to merely collect a tax of silver from the Siencyn and otherwise leave them alone.


Most of Siencyn's populace live in small, rural communities. Horses and cattle are signs of wealth. They are famous for their breed of small, rugged, agile horses. Siencyn is rich in silver, which it trades to it's neighbors for iron. They are the inventors of mead, and still the makers of the finest meads.




Major Geographic Features:

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Population: 2,257
Power Center: Conventional
Alignment: True Neutral
Gold Piece Limit: 3,000; Ready Cash: 337,500
Mixed; Humans: 1,783; Halflings: 103; Elves: 112; Dwarves: 167; Gnomes: 45; Half-Elves: 22; Half-Orcs: 22; Others: 3


Population: 2,099
Power Center: Conventional
Alignment: True Neutral
Gold Piece Limit: 3,000; Ready Cash: 313,500
Mixed; Humans: 1,658; Halflings: 88; Elves: 104; Dwarves: 162; Gnomes: 41; Half-Elves: 20; Half-Orcs: 20; Others: 6


Population: 2,588
Power Center: Conventional
Alignment: True Neutral
Gold Piece Limit: 3,000; Ready Cash: 387,000
Mixed; Humans: 2,044; Halflings: 32; Elves: 129; Dwarves: 277; Gnomes: 51; Half-Elves: 25; Half-Orcs: 25; Others: 5

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Current Events:

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Siencyn's people speak Isibael

Regional Feats:

oral history, Fey heritage, Redhead, self sufficient, forester, tattoo focus, blooded, courage, stealthy, Ehlonna's Way, bullheaded, swift and silent, Regional Weapon Proficiency

Regional Weapons:

Axe - Throwing, Battleaxe, Bolas, Club, Dagger, Greatsword, Glaive, Spear, Shortspear, Handaxe, Javelin, Kukri, Quarterstaff, Scimitar (Falcata), Scythe, Sling, Shortsword, Sickle, Short Broadblade Sword



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