Life and Society:

Soroush are said to 'talk with their hands', being extremely prone to gesticulating during conversations. Social courtesies are considered extremely important. One does not put feet on a desk or table, point the sole of the foot toward another person, smoke without asking permission, or cross the legs while in the presence of an older or superior person. In rural areas it is not proper for adults to eat on the street. It is common for members of the same sex to kiss on the cheeks. Public displays of affection between men and women are not acceptable in rural areas.

Individually, Soroush prize a good sense of humor; it is considered a sign of intelligence. Group orientation is valued over personal assertiveness or aggression, and honesty and cleverness are admired qualities. People also value a good education, secure employment, wealth, social status, and an honorable heritage. Bravery and loyalty are also prized personal traits.

The universities of Soroush are renowned throughout the world, and have gained Soroush a reputation for being more open-minded than other Basira regions. However, this tends to be true only of the large, permanent cities.

An individual is loyal to and dependent upon the family. The Soroush household often consists of an extended family: a mother and father, any unmarried children, and in some cases, married sons with their families. The married sons remain until they are financially independent. Soroush is the only Basira region in which a woman can seek divorce from her spouse, though she requires the permission of her father or whomever replaced her father as head of the house hold (usually an older brother). A divorced woman keeps her daughters, her husband keeps any sons. Women are permitted to run businesses (with the permission of their husbands), and should they divorce these businesses become their property.

In rural areas, chaperons are common. Rural families are heavily involved in deciding whom a person will marry, but the choice is generally the couple's. Only in Soroush does a woman have the right to refuse a match set by her father and choose her own husband. It should be noted that while a woman has this right, many are heavily discouraged from exercising it. It is still not uncommon for a man to 'kidnap' a bride and heavily pressure her into marriage. Women are expected to be chaste at the time of their wedding.

Traditional wedding celebrations last three days and are still practiced by some in rural areas. Traditional festivities begin with the Kına Gecesi (henna evening), an event for women only. They decorate the hands and fingers of the bride with henna leaf dye and dance and sing. On the second day, both sets of parents serve lunch and dinner to their guests. On the third day, the bride is taken to the groom's home on a horse after folk dances are performed.

Life-cycle rituals form an integral part of Soroush life. Boys are circumcised between five and eight. While the circumcision of females is still practices among some of the nomads, the practice is now heavily discouraged. The ceremony is elaborate, and the boy usually dresses in a white satin suit, a cape trimmed with marabou feathers, and a high crowned hat. A party is thrown in his honor, at which he receives gifts from family and friends. When parents are old, they sometimes move in with their married children, usually their daughters.







Major Geographic Features:

Important Sites:

Jh'towulash (Metropolis)

Population: 34,846
Power Center: Conventional
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Gold Piece Limit: 100,000; Ready Cash: 174,200,000
Humans: 33,452; Halflings: 485; Elves: 348; Dwarves: 211; Gnomes: 0; Half-Elves: 0; Half-Orcs: 0; Others: 350

Jh'tishul (Large Town)

Population: 20,558
Power Center: Conventional
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Gold Piece Limit: 40,000; Ready Cash: 41,100,000
Humans: 9,606; Halflings: 2,111; Elves: 3,700; Dwarves: 2,055; Gnomes: 1,439; Half-Elves: 1,027; Half-Orcs: 616; Others: 4

Jh'tiel (Large Town)

Population: 5,679
Power Center: Conventional
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Gold Piece Limit: 15,000; Ready Cash: 4,252,500
Humans: 5,451; Halflings: 113; Elves: 56; Dwarves: 0; Gnomes: 0; Half-Elves: 0; Half-Orcs: 0; Others: 59

Jh'tarerin (Large Town)

Population: 3,885
Power Center: Conventional
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Gold Piece Limit: 3,000; Ready Cash: 582,000
Humans: 3,729; Halflings: 77; Elves: 38; Dwarves: 0; Gnomes: 0; Half-Elves: 0; Half-Orcs: 0; Others: 41

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