The people of Tatsuo are oft lumped together by other regions, but they are a vastly different people, only barely united under a single empire.

Specific Nations

Bod ((Tibet))
Dokuohtei ((Japan))
Iteneyara ((Korea))
Shiruyo ((Malaysia))
Thuan ((China))
Xue ((Vietnam))
Yasuo ((Thailand))




Coin From Exchange Rate Picture
Taka Tatsuo 0.01 1sen-t.jpg
Won Tatsuo 0.05
Baht Tatsuo 0.1 1sen-d.jpg
Yen Tatsuo 0.5
Dong Tatsuo 1 5yen-a.jpg
Rupiah Tatsuo 10 5sen-a.jpg



Currently, the Tatsuo Empire is an Empire in name only. Emperor Xan is a weak, ineffectual leader, little more than a figurehead controlled by the nobility. The individual nations make their own rules and have their own rulers, paying just the merest lip service to the once mighty throne.

The different regions of Tatsuo make war on each other, but will oft put aside their differences to deal with external threats.

Social Castes

Each person is to know their place and respect their superiors.




Temple of the Stone Dragon
Temple of the Devoted Spirit
Temple of the Diamond Mind
Temple of the Desert Wind
Temple of the Iron Heart
Temple of the Setting Sun
Temple of the Shadow Hand
Temple of the White Raven
Temple of the Tiger Claw
Order of the Sun Star
Order of the White Empress
Dragonblade Ninjas

In the World

Character Creation Info


Regional Feats

Regional Weapons

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