Life and Society:

The inhabitants of Thu'Rar are reputed to be cannibals, and are fierce warriors.

They dress in sulu vaka toga, a medium-to-long wraparound cloth made of colorful cotton.

Tilting the head down and avoiding eye contact while speaking to someone shows respect. The custom of kerekere dictates that a relative or neighbor can ask for something that is needed and it must be given willingly, without expectation of repayment. Villages are composed of families that form clans or mataqali and the father is the undisputed head of a household. Mataqali are lead by a patriarch, generally the oldest male that is still fit enough to be considered a warrior. Men engage in spearfishing, gardening, and construction, while women cook, collect wild food, and do line and small-net fishing. Men choose their wives, but the match must be approved by the heads of both families, and in some cases, by the patriarchs.

A family home is called a bure. It usually is built of local hardwoods, a thatched roof, and woven floor covers. The four doors of the bure, which typically remain open to improve air circulation, are used by different people.







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There are about 40 islands in the archipelago that makes up Thu'Rar, though most of the inhabitants dwell on the three largest. About half of the smaller ones are volcanic.

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